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How Do I Get Out Of The Consumer’s Cycle? {Questions We All Ask No. 8}

Whether I’m walking into Hobby Lobby or loading my cart up on Amazon, I hear the same words firing off in my head, faster than I can stop them.

I want that. I need this. Look at that.

I start to rationalize and reason with myself, after all I really could use a new picture over the mantel, a warmer sweater for winter, or new books for the kids. Naturally, I browse the aisles and begin to fill my cart with just a few items.

The pull to buy more things is real. It is not an innocent tug either, but an onslaught from the enemy of our souls.

It doesn’t help that we are also over-exposed to everything we don’t have on a daily basis through kind-hearted acquaintances on social media- be it the cute house, the successful business, the creative talent, or the close friends, we see it all without asking or without realizing what it does to us.

If I’m not careful I will spend my entire life as if it is a shopping trip. Racing down the aisles of life and literally stores with my cart, pushing and shoving my way, albeit quietly in my own head, with the hopes of acquiring status, satisfaction, happiness, or hoorays.

The lies are sneaky per usual and slowly our hands become callused to the constant grabbing for more.

Just one more, I tell myself, and then I’ll stop. 

The famous repeat words of an addiction.

I’m numb. The shops on street and snapshots on social media beg you and I with a quiet-raging voice to consume…more.

How do we get out of the consumer’s cycle so many of us feel stuck in?

I wonder what it will take for me to not feel the urges to buy with click of my finger, the nudge to get up early and run to all the Black Friday sales, or to sneak through the doors of Target on a Monday spending money we could have given generously?

There are answers I hear all the time to this question: Be more grateful. Don’t buy new clothes for a year. Focus on what you have not what you don’t have. Get rid of your credit cards, only carry cash. Budget better.

But what if instead we simply let the cart go and watch it careen over the side of the cliff?

What if instead of walking through life with our shopping carts, like we do at Walmart, gathering and getting, we walked through life empty-handed and full hearted.

What if we exchanged filling our cart for feeding our heart? Using our hands to page through His Word and discover His truth in the hidden places, instead of perusing the super sales that scream for our attention. Using our hands to uncover a new side of Him that shines in the darkness, instead of a new outfit or gift that will eventually gather dust and be disposed of.

It’s true, carts are made for carrying and collecting our possessions and performances, showing them off to whomever will stop by, but our hearts were made to be filled with the vibrant streams of Living Water, which cannot be contained or calmed or bought, it must be released and given wildly to a busy world.

Instead of pushing carts, especially as we enter this season of the holidays, let’s remember to push our hearts closer to Him.. He is the well that never runs dry, to stand under and in His waterfall, open-handed ready to receive Him in ways we’ve yet to experience.

Indeed, there is more.

Fill me, Lord.


Verses to Ponder: Isaiah 55:1-3, 58:11, Jeremiah 2:13, Proverbs 11:24-25, Song of Songs 2:10, Matthew 5:6, Mark 12:41-44, John 4:13-15,  7:38, Acts 20:35

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