Abiding with Jesus Exploring the Unknown Questions We Ask

How Could We Ever Make This Leap? {Questions We All Ask No. 7}

I rolled out of bed.

Nursed my toddler-baby.

Talked with Jesus and my husband.

Prepared breakfast and lunch for my kids.

Did reading lesson 36 with my five-year-old.

Went on a blustery fall day leaf hunt.

Tucked my two youngest in for their naps.

Purchased homeschool supplies on Amazon.

Whispered prayers as I walked through my house.

Forgave my children and myself for our distasteful attitudes.

The etchings of a normal day, but the backdrop for the unimaginable.

Perhaps the small steps we take every hour are more significant than our biggest, most courageous leaps.

Every day, I stand back from what looks like a cliff, I edge closer and closer not wanting to fall into the abyss. I see the daunting horizon, the goals and dreams and faith-filled acts I know God is excited for me to take.

Yes, this God of ours is always calling us to come out a little further with Him.

But minute by minute, day by day He woos me to His side with the most basic of steps (such as those I listed above). Before my heart even knows what’s happening, before my eyes have had a chance to survey the possible danger, or calculate the risk, I’ve already taken the leap.

My questions consumed by His consistent compassion.

His compassion compels and catches me.

We agree to adventure not because of a moment of bravery on our part, but because we get a glimpse of His love in our living rooms and neighborhoods.  He moves us into deeper, more intimate places of His beautiful heart. God mysteriously beckons us closer, not over a daunting cliff, but into His consuming love.

The tiny, often unrecognizable steps we take with Him and towards Him everyday mean more than a magazine headline leap.

One step is enough, He says, leave the big leaps to Me. 


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