His Invitations Are All Around

One of my favorite things about following Jesus is His constant, quiet invitations.

I hear them all around me, like music playing in the background of my soul.

God is always whispering. Most of the time He doesn’t jolt me out of my rushed realities, but softly nudges me to come out into the deeper waters with Him.

He sends love notes and signs His name so evidently across the bottom, with love.

There’s no denying He’s the Sender.


I hear His invitation before my eyes first crack open and my feet hit the floor…“Won’t you come spend time with me. I cannot wait to hear your voice.”

I hear His invitation when I lace up my running shoes and head out the door… “Can I join you this morning? I’m inviting you to not just run for exercise, but worship.”

I hear His invitation as I expectantly open the Word, “Dig and explore this truth, I want to speak to you beautiful and convicting things. I invite you to open up your heart and your eyes, let my light shine in.”

I hear His invitation when my babies feel like a disruption more than a delight, “I invite you to see me through their faces. Gaze into their eyes, watch their behavior, listen to their cries…and learn my heart.”

I hear His invitation when I’m confused and worried, “Step away from the whirlwind of lies and the rush of the world, I want to invite you into a new rhythm and way of life.

I hear His invitation when I’m sneak away for a nap in the middle of a long day, “Rest…yes, I created it for you. Trust me. I’m beckoning you to remember you are more than what you produce.”  


His invitations come in the most mundane of moments and the most unexpected scenarios.

His strong and delicate invitations still catch me off guard…that the Creator of all the world wants me to come and be with Him, to invite me to enjoy, celebrate, and linger in His presence, is still astonishing.

These daily invitations are hand-delivered each day to me and to you. Indeed this is proof that we follow a God who is intensely pursuing us and jealously longing to be with us.

His invitations reveal that His desire is to do life with us. There is no place He doesn’t want to infiltrate with His joy, nourish with His love, and encourage us with His truth.

Sadly, the envelopes lie scattered around our homes and hearts, many days they go completely untouched and unnoticed.

Let’s be a people who excitedly rip open these God sent invitations without holding back in hesitation or ignoring His promptings. Ofcourse, once we open that envelope a response is required, and therein lies the secret to doing life with God- saying a simple, but heartfelt Yes to His invitation to come be with Him.


My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” Psalm 27:8


God’s invitation to come into an adventure with Him has changed my perspective, my way of life, and my purpose. I am absolutely convinced that His invitation to adventure, to trust, to risk, to step into the unknown with Him, is one that we should never miss out on!

Will you join me as we practice hearing & responding to His sweet beckoning voice this weekend to step into the grandest adventure we’ve ever known?

You are also invited to join me and a group of adventure-seeking women as we embark on and challenge ourselves over the next 40 days to practice the art of adventure in our daily lives and investigate what it truly means to trust God and step out in faith into the unknown. We are using the 40 day journals in the shop, but you are more than welcome to follow along on IG or our private facebook group!

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