Have You Found This Today?

Tears, sniffles, and a wadded up tissue in my hand, that’s how I deal with the depth and rawness of following Jesus. I will unashamedly say this walking with Jesus thing is, well, crazily difficult, sometimes confusing, and always mysterious.

I freak out all the time. 

You think with my obvious passion for adventure you’d see me running through flower dotted hills barefoot and singing for joy.

Think again!

I’m so uptight. And controlling. And sensitive. And obsessed with perfect.


But I think that’s exactly why God gave me this filter for life… Adventure.

He’s been telling me to filter everything I see, experience, dream, and struggle with through adventure.

But not just any adventure. An adventure with the most carefree, wild, spontaneous, fun, creative, and romantic God!

Back to the tears, sniffles, and wadded up tissue now becoming a shredded mess on my son’s bed. The other night, out of nowhere, my husband and I ventured into a conversation that was much needed. As is usual for me, whenever anything hits a deep well in my heart, the tears start to come.

The conversation centered on decisions we need to make as a family. Some of our inner turmoil and challenges. As well as sharing the places in our lives where we feel God whispering to us.

We went back and forth. The air filled with all sorts of emotions. Questions and concerns, dreams and ideas flew out from every direction. While frustrations and worries didn’t hesitate to mix in as well. Needless to say, by the time we were done, it felt like we had made a mess.

But then I saw it…   

An invitation.

As I sorted through all the wreckage of our words that evening, my eyes came upon a twinkling treasure. I held it in my hands like a precious gift. My heart fluttering with delight.

The invitation.

God’s invitation to adventure.


It’s an invitation that he places in our lives every day, but it so often gets lost under stacks of paper-thin thoughts and harsh and heavy seasons or fleeting frustrations.

But you and I, we must find it. The invitation.

And when we do…we need to put it up on your fridge, instead of stuffing it away in the junk drawer.

This invitation to adventure is worth remembering, gazing upon, and responding to every day.

To me, His invitation to adventure is something that I excitedly and expectantly tear open each morning.

Why you ask? Because of this…

God’s invitation to adventure is an open door for me to walk confidently into confusion knowing He will bring clarity in perfect time.

His invitation is a comfortable hammock to sway in when the winds of change are whirling all around me.

This invitation is the entrance into the unknown, where I stare down my fears and dance freely in my creativity.


God delivers the invitation to our bedside each day because he knows…

We will forget everything from His goodness and grace, to our identity and purpose.  

We will make messes and fall flat on our face.

We will feel like a failure in our relationships, in our business, in our life.

We will get tired and want to give up.

We will get stuck and not know where to go.

But His invitation to adventure beckons us onward despite all these things.

He says,

“Come…explore…be curious…take a new step…discover more…and most of all trust me.

This adventure will leave you breathless as you gaze upon beauty you didn’t know existed and yes, it will also sometimes leave you with a snotty nose, sticky, tear-stained cheeks, and tissues in hand.

Following me isn’t easy, you will freak out, you will create more questions and have more fears than you know what to do with, but following me is an adventure that will keep your life moving steadily deeper into my heart.

So friends, let’s scrape of the dust, shake off the dirt, scour through the darkness and find that twinkling treasure- the invitation to adventure…and then most importantly…respond to Him right there in the middle of our mess!