Free Resources


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I created these for you to download, print, and share with your friends! Enjoy!

Sacred Adventures: A Travel Journal For Your Soul (a sample)/// a simple 6-page printable guide to help you prepare for adventure- identifying where + how He is leading you in this season.  Based off the 52-week travel journal from our shop, more will be coming in Fall 2017! 

sacred adventure image

A Girl’s Guide to Adventure Spring: Issue 1/// 48 full color pages of inspiring articles and images to draw you out into the richness of God’s wild love for you, to find full and whole life apart from the grip of comfort, control, and fear.

girls guide to adventure image

40 Days of Tiny Adventures/// 40 tiny adventures for you to experience each day- simple ways to practice stepping out of your comfort zone and enliven your heart again to explore the unknown. 


Scavenger Hunt With God/// God lovingly chooses to reveal Himself to us in such fun, creativity, and specific ways during our day. Are you ready? Be on the hunt for God’s tangible presence from morning ’til evening today and be encouraged that He is with you…even when you are walking through the unknown!


7 Creative Dates with God///Going on dates with God may sound and be a little awkward at first, but give it a try! It can only deepen your relationship with Him, reveal more of His heart for you, and perhaps stoke the fires of genuine passion you hold in your heart for only Him. 


Rhythms of Adventure/// a pdf filled with simple rhythms to incorporate into our days or weeks to make us ready for and aware of the adventures in our midst. 


6 Days of Different Challenge/// this worksheet challenges you to practice the art of adventure by stepping out of your comfort zone everyday. It’s so easy to get comfortable in our lives, with habits, routines, thought patterns, and life-styles that do not lead us into an adventure with Jesus. For a more in depth guide on embracing change see the next resource!


Hello Happy Change:Six Days of Delighting in Different ///a 28-page guide/devotional filled with creative challenges and prompts, and inspiration for you to step into the new + see change as a gift! God is continually, CONTINUALLY inviting us to change, to welcome it, to choose it, to be excited about it, but instead we hold onto the old, cling to past memories, grip tightly to the way things have always been.What if we could be women who say “Hello Happy Change” + take delight in the different…I wonder what we’d discover about God, about ourselves, about life, + adventure?