First, I Write (How & Why I Ignore The God Of Being A Good, Responsible, Adult.)

Don’t clean the bathroom right now or vacuum up the crumbs from breakfast…

Forget about swinging by the grocery store on the way home to pick up milk…

Stop yourself from mocking up yet another Canva design for your blossoming business…

Walk past the hungry kitty- you can feed him once you’re finished.

First, you write. I speak to myself in the voice of a wise, rosy-cheeked, rebellious granny splattered in paint- proof of the decades she’s spent listening to her inner carefree, childlike artist.

The disorganized bookshelf, meowing cat, barrage of emails, pile of laundry, microscopic crumbs, and loaded Amazon shopping cart are some of my counterfeit ever-present enchantments. I assume if I give them my attention, I will gain a sense of achievement or awe.

These seemingly harmless tasks tempt me like shimmering Sirens…They sing out over the expanse of my Wednesday afternoon- bow to the god of being a good, responsible adult.

It’s a daily (hourly?) struggle for me.

If I fall prey to their sexy advertisements to spend and scatter my energy here and there, the creative invitation I held in my hand loses its appeal immediately. It’s buried under the rubble of my thoughtless but productivity-inducing routines, and there’s no telling when it will surface again.

The only successful workaround to the never-ending and equally addictive Netflix stream of chores and to-do’s is this: To pre-determine the prioritization of my artistic nature.

What does this look like practically?

Before we turn toward the tidy-up tasks or march into the mouth of consumption culture, we first…

  • Affirm the arabesquing magic and aliveness present within and around us.
  • Follow those firefly-lit trails into the forest of tall trees and we don’t look back.
  • We awaken our inner Picasso, the part of us longing to be lost in the flow, by celebrating the inefficiency of our creativity.

Everything else can wait.

Your creativity can not.

Be stern with your Sirens. Armed with my serious face and my strongest crawl stroke I swim against the tides, past the breakers, those damn barriers holding me back from my deepest desire- to make new worlds with words, to create beauty with my whole being.

If all you have to give is a simple nod to the supernatural, or five minutes with a blank canvas or a journal and a dream, it is enough to enter in.

Creativity will do the rest. Sense how it takes you by the hand and effortlessly carries you across the threshold of propriety and decorum, into the land of play and imagination.

Once you’ve experienced the warmth and wonder of its strong grip, you won’t want to leave. Linked hand-in-hand with our loyal, fun-loving friend, creativity, we like who we become by its side.


If you need more encouragement…

A few books on creativity I keep within easy reach:

  • The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful & Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms by Danielle Laporte
  • The Artist’s Way or Finding Water by Julia Cameron
  • The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Creative Doer by Anna Lovind

Quotes to jot down:

“Every single one of us is an artist- at something.” Danielle Laporte

“Life itself is a creative act.” Patti Digh

“What is perfection anyway?

… it’s the death of creativity.” Diane Keaton

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