Face The Flowers (they want to tell you everything you need to know)

If you don’t have the words to explain the mess of complex emotions pillaging your soul right now, remember a tangled web of roots is the hidden strength necessary to create painted petals of shimmering delight.

If the tears fall heavy down your cheeks at the most inopportune time, smack in the middle of what is supposed to be Spring, remember how the rain softens your dry and desolate soul; you’re now primed and ready to seep in every needed nutrient.

If the ache is deep and unbearable, panic paralyzes, and you can’t figure out how you’ll ever push through the perils of your little life, remember darkness pumps energy into your bones so you can crack through the hard soil at just the right time and reach toward the light of your gestated longings.

If you see only question marks and dead-ends, remember movement and evolution have never come to a halt, the most significant work is invisible, subtle shifts no human eye will ever witness.

If by 40 you still don’t have a clear and cohesive, slick and salesy purpose, remember efficiency often erodes your true beauty and step-by-step formulas rarely lead to your flourishing.

If you feel like you’re not put together enough and your imperfections steal the show, remember flawless only feels fake, flaunt your colorful skin and patchy swirls of rare shades of pink and gold.

If you’re easily wounded and delicate, sensitive and tender-hearted, and wilt when you’re not handled with great care and compassion, remember this is exactly what makes others stop and stand in awe of who you are.

Face the flowers. Listen to how they explain the mysteries. Bow to their teachings. Don’t say another word. Shhhhhh…they want to tell you everything you need to know.

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