Come join me on my couch {why we need to chat}

Grab your favorite something to drink and come sit with me on my couch.

I’d be drinking some fresh mint tea with leaves picked from my sad-looking mint plant sitting on top of my fridge. What would you be drinking?

Thankfully my couch is the perfect color brown. It hides all the stains from melted chocolate and peanut butter that my children have managed to smear on various cushions.

Now let’s chat.

I don’t mind starting out with how’s the weather kind of small talk, but let’s not stop there.

Fall weather just happens to be one of my favorite. The crisp, cool air that smells of purity and rest. A new season is coming. Just as the earth is expectant, I can feel my heart wanting to burst with excitement for all that God has planned in the coming months. It’s getting colder now, my ears ache when I go out for my early morning runs and my eyes start to water from the wintry breeze whipping around me. It’s time for layering and lounging longer on the couch with friends and family.


How’s the weather where you are? What season is upon your part of the world?

After we chat about weather and perhaps this rapidly expanding 7-months pregnant belly of mine, I’d want to do one of my favorite things and that is talk about real life, the harsh and happy seasons. 

I say real life because if you know me, I like the untamed version. I want to hear about your most joyous celebrations as well your darkest valleys. You can tone it down if you want but I believe that deep connection and friendship are formed as we tell our stories, our adventures. Every good adventure is full of ups and down, romance and heart ache, unexpected twists and turns, so let’s not pretend.

To make you feel more comfortable as we sit together, I’d probably go first.

So here I go…

This week has been a concoction of difficult and beautiful. Isn’t life always a little like this?

I’ve cried a bunch of times because that’s the way I process and release my anger, frustrations, and fears, and I’ve been dealing with a bunch of that recently.

I’d tell you about how I’ve had a couple ugly fights with my husband and how I’ve regretted some of the words I’ve said to my kids.

Monday through Friday from about 9am to 6pm I am with my kiddos, just me and them. And you know what, on most mornings I still don’t feel ready to be “mommy” yet. Their waking cries and shouts for “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” can feel like an interruption to my plans and my day.


On the good days, my two munchkins nap from 3 to 5pm like clockwork. This week has been pretty good. They’ve both stirred and cried a little before their nap time is up, but thankfully they’ve gone back to sleep. It sounds silly but I lose it if they don’t sleep for at least two hours. I feel all out of sorts and cranky.

When they are napping I get creative and full of ideas. I start new projects, I write, I paint, I feel free and alive, I remember who I am again. But not always. Some days… like many over this past week I’ve wanted to just sleep. But I’ve fought through it every time. I’m not proud of that fact either. Napping isn’t natural for me, but I know I need it. A little nap, or perhaps a morning where I sleep in? I know how I get without enough sleep. I get moody, short-tempered, and my perspective gets all skewed. And all of those symptoms have showed up over the past few days.


Can I go on for just a minute more? I’m almost done.

All in all it’s been a beautiful week. Full of simple, sweet moments with my family, walks to the neighborhood farm with my kids, chats with friends over tea, and tilling the soil of some of the dreams God has planted in my heart.

I can get discouraged so easily when I look around me, it really doesn’t take much. From seeing the slew of toys in my living room that need cleaned up, to the world news my husband shares with me over dinner, to being overwhelmed with all that I want to do, but can’t seem to find the time nor have the expertise to do them.

Oh how I can get discouraged! It’s a little crazy sometimes. I wonder if I need some sort of professional help or I start to wish I was someone else…someone more stable, secure, and constantly smiling.


But then I realize this one thing over and over again…

Talking with friends, over a cup of fresh mint tea, laughing and crying, sharing our adventures on the couch in my living room or in a café, is what makes this adventure worth living.

Sharing our stories together provides the rest, the encouragement, the perspective, and the stability that I so often feel like I am searching for in the wrong places. God intended it to work that way. Adventure is best and most beautiful when done in the company of friends and family.


So, now it’s your turn.

Don’t worry…you don’t have to polish your words or your story, you can just tell it like it is.

I’ve still got more I can talk about, but I’ll sip some tea and listen to your heart awhile because I know you have things to share and I know I need to hear them.

Because this is life. And this how we heal and find strength to carry on. Together we remember how to laugh in the dark valleys and cry through the pain.

Together we adventure deeper into God’s heart by sharing the depths of our hearts with one another.

I curl up my legs on the couch and grab the brown blanket from my granny. So tell me…what’s been happening with you…I want to know. 


Who can you invite into your life today?

Who can you share your honest struggles and celebrations with?

We were created to do this adventure together, so come sip some tea with me and sit on my couch.