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Becoming A Student of Your Season {Fall’s Sermon}

If the fall season could preach a sermon, I’m convinced it would be this:

Remember change is always beautiful.

If only we could walk through life with the words of the leaves singing in our ears. I wonder if it would become second nature for us to welcome newness, a surprise from God, a change of scenery with joyful expectancy?

There have been too many days I’ve panicked about looming changes. Before they even befall me, I’m already grumbling about their existence.

How do I so easily forget to open my arms, to smile, and swing wide the door of life’s unforeseen and predictable patterns?

Change is woven into every minutia of our lives. We simply cannot hold to what was, or is, or is to come. But oh how we try, don’t we?

We decorate our homes, paint the walls, settle into our routines as if we will always be here.

We store up money and memories because we want to preserve our lives and somehow create our own glorious redemptive story.

We want our kids to stay young and close to us.

We dream of being different, and start to act on those desires, but usually within a few hours we are back to the same old patterns and ways of thinking.

We grip fiercely to our possessions and plans like gold nuggets of promise, to release them would mean change, and change messes with our lives.

But the trees out my window, the chilly breeze in the air, the darkening days tell another story. It’s the freedom story our hearts we were made to hear- to walk wildly with God, to welcome transformation with celebration, to grow in trust no matter the season.

These days, as sandals are replaced with boots, and over-sized jackets envelop us, and scarves whip in the wind, I’m becoming a student of this season, my season.

The crunchy, colorful leaves, crisp air that makes our eyes water, and cold, cozy nights that are upon us will speak, if we let them.

Sure, sadness will try to squeeze in between your sips of hot cocoa, memories of how things used to be might overwhelm your mind, you may even grieve the summer and springs of life, but then watch how the leaves swirl around happily laying themselves down to the ground.

See how Fall fearlessly surrenders to change.

Let the trees around you be the messengers of God’s simple truth as you endeavor to open your heart to more of what He has for you.

Change is beautiful.


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