Beauty wants to arrest you today.

Can you hear its soft sirens blaring? Quick! Pull of to the side of the road. Stop for a second. Listen and linger in this moment of heaven on earth.

Notice how a little smile rips across your tight lips as beauty releases you from every burden.

Then feel how your shoulders relax and you ease into the joy you’ve been longing for, wrongly assuming it was illegal to laugh and lament at once. It’s not. Beauty wants to remind you.

Don’t apologize for still being mesmerized by the world around you, making you fall to your knees in some ridiculous awe.

Give your gazing eyes without guilt to the goodness that abounds.

Follow as beauty leads you towards a fuller story, one without end, where there is always enough, an overflowing wellspring of mercy and delight for anyone who say yes.

Sit. Feast on your life.”

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