Are You Still Waiting For Permission? Here’s What To Do Instead.

It helps to hear someone say we have permission.

The inner child within us feels calm and secure, protected and put at ease. She’s doing nothing wrong. She’s been granted approval and given the go-ahead.

Sadly, most of us, myself included, are waiting to receive permission before we take action, before we enjoy where we are and the present moment, or to simply be ourselves. We are the good girl wanting to stay out of trouble and not cause a disruption. We are the 8-year-old needing to first ask an adult.

Our hunger for permission comes in many forms.

We might be seeking…

A parent’s acceptance or understanding. 

A professional certification or license.  

Approval from a trusted friend. 

The blessing of a wise mentor. 

A business partner’s agreement.

The consent of a spouse. 

A generous compliment from a teacher. 

Many hours of training. 

Secure financial support.

Total peace. 

Cheering crowds. 

Confirmation from the Divine. 

Validation from outside sources or specific circumstances feels nice and gives us an extra boost of confidence, but in the end, it doesn’t last long enough to carry us through life with robust confidence.

As we learn to sign our own permission slips and grant ourselves the freedom to live creatively in our own wild way, we tap into the best version of ourselves. 

So, what kind of permission slip have you been hoping to receive? Here are a few to take if you need them.

You have permission to…

…take a week off. From work, social media, from worry, planning, exercise, or cooking.

…veer from your daily schedule, unhealthy mindsets, or the map religion handed to you.

…call laughing, running, hiking, or reading your meditation or prayer practice.

….learn and change at your own pace.

…care deeply for the planet and for people.

…celebrate any little thing you want.

…explore and experiment.

…not know what the hell you’re doing.

…say no.

…travel the world.

…walk away from a relationship.

…work hard.

…take a nap in the middle of the day.

…not worry and rest instead.

…try the course, the job, the opportunity.

…learn to play the piano at age 45.

…be you.

Go ahead and write up the silly permission slip.

Sign your sloppy signature.

Give yourself the green light. 

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