When Adventure Comes Knocking {Part 1}


I’ve been opening my door a little wider lately. Peeking out from the four walls of our home and inviting adventure inside.

Friends and family, people we’ve never met, and those who we haven’t seen in years have occupied the rooms of our house for much of this year.

At first it felt like more work.

It seemed like an interruption.

In the beginning I was suspicious, wondering if our space would become too cramped.

I only thought about all the messes it would make in my rooms and in my routine.

On most days I feel like I’m barely surviving with three kids. The cooking, cleaning, and copious amounts of attention that I dish out everyday is more than I thought I could give.

So when adventure came knocking at my door in the forms of friendly faces all I wanted to do was crumple into the fetal position.

Isn’t that our first reaction when God reveals a comfort zone though?

We want to



or hand him excuses in our sweaty palms.


Most of us believe we are not cut out for adventure. Am I right?

It only signifies forth coming trials and challenges,

possible sinking,

and our inevitable surrender.

No matter the adventure God has knocking on our door, our genuine curiosity is usually promptly followed by slamming the door shut.

Because every adventure is laden with

mystery and messes.

We are terrified that we will get lost within the

newness and unknown of it all.

That somehow we won’t come out on the other side alive.

At first, we picture adventure as sky diving, wilderness backpacking, or living in a foreign country.

Adventure in its purest sense equals exposing ourselves to danger and risk and ultimately…


For most of us, we do our best to avoid and ignore such frightening invitations.

Sure, adventure beckons us when we lay in our beds at night and intrigues us when we feel like our life is lacking luster. We even romanticize adventure, making it out to be the beauty of traveling the world or wandering through mountain trails. All of us feel the longing for a type of adrenaline rush to pull us from the doldrums and into more daring and dangerous acts.

We all want adventure, but all we can think about is the impending death. 

So where does that leave us?

Stuck in our comfort zone.  Sadly, we’ve got it all wrong. 

More than being afraid of a dangerous world, maybe we should be much more afraid of comfort zones. Frogs have died that way.

What if we all were more afraid of comfort zones…

What if every comfort zone — is just a death trap?

Ann Voskamp


If the real adventures God has for us entail releasing our safety and stopping our attempts to save our own life, then we too easily mutter,

“No thank you, I’m not interested.”

And then we shut the door as if God were a salesman try to sell us a product we didn’t need.

But that’s where we need Jesus to redefine adventure for us. Adventure isn’t something we can buy, obtain, or go out and get. Adventure is a way of life that shoots into our veins. Real adventure leads us to our inevitable death, but it also fills us with new, fresh life all at once. Adventure finds us in the most unexpected places…  

Adventure is knocking friends. Adventure is waiting to be invited inside your home and your heart.

It’s really simple, all that is separating you and me from adventure is a closed door.

Are you ready to meet adventure in all its forms?

Or would we rather stay cooped up and caged in, never knowing what or who is out there?

With trembling hands and expectant heart I’m opening the door to adventure, will you join me?

Stay tuned! This post is a part of our series leading up to a special announcement coming up next week!

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