About The Video I Deleted (& Another Part of Me I’m Releasing Into The World)

Last week, I shared a video on my Instagram expressing my passion for preserving our planet. I encouraged us all to act from a place of hope and optimism, instead of focusing on the scary headlines and fearful statistics about our warming earth.

I went a step further and asked if you would ever consider having an enthusiastic guide to work with you to transition toward an eco-friendly lifestyle in a way that feels easy and manageable and dare I say, fun.

Then, twenty minutes later, I deleted it.

It felt more vulnerable than sharing my marital problems with the world.

I’ve kept this earth-conscious, sustainability enthusiast part of myself tamed down and mainly hidden for the last few years.

She makes her appearance weekly at her local co-op or farmers market or with her nature-loving children. Reusable grocery bags and refillable jars in hand, she is bold and confident but slinks into the shadows afraid of what would happen if she made this a thing.

When I say “made it a thing” you know what I mean don’t you?

Like what would happen if I began to admit concern for our planet? What if I shared resources and strategies to live generatively so all people and creatures can continue to flourish?

At times, it feels like my blooming devotion to stand with the earth doesn’t fit into who I am. It’s off-brand. Or worse, it’s my new religion.

Thanks in part to social media, it’s become harder and harder for us to embody the many sides of ourselves in whatever rooms we might find ourselves.

I guess this journal entry is really me rolling out a fresh welcome mat for the shy parts of myself.

I wonder how many of us have aspects of ourselves we’ve been suppressing so we can appear on-brand.

What would it look like to be hospitable to our confined-to-the-corner person and offer her a hello and maybe an I see you?

What magic is the world missing because we are only living in monochromatic blandness instead of a glistening multi-dimensionality?

Sadder still is if I constantly compartmentalize my existence, cut myself into pieces, and only show kindness to the sides I think will garner the most praise or financial prosperity, my true self faces extinction…as does yours.

But when I give myself time and space to explore my evolution, I also do the same for you too.

I have a hunch you are more than the fancy labels you’ve pinned on yourself or the edited bio you’ve pasted to the top of your profile.

Let’s be surprised at who comes forth, and what voices emerge, and how seamlessly they intertwine with our ever-expanding story when we release rather than delete the diverse facets of our being.

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  • Charissa, this is a cruel hateful world right now. Don’t fall prey to hiding because of it. I personally think we need to use paper and glass instead of plastic, even reusable plastic, like we did in the 50’s. There is great satisfaction for me to reuse paper grocery bags for gift wrapping and glass canning jars for canning and storing food.


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