A Sneak Peek: The Back Cover Of My Book!

Renata “Ren” Meadows wonders if she can file for divorce, not from her husband (although she does wonder that too) but from her beloved life. After 41 years of faithfulness, she’s had enough of the monotony- her predictable daily patterns and applauded discipline are stifling her creativity and aliveness, zapping her of vitality and energy.

Aside from the rare snow or sick days or scheduled summer vacation with her husband and 4 kids, her life runs like a smooth, well-oiled machine. Hell, even during those times she has everything under control.

Could she discover a way to wean herself from her rigid plans, burn the superhuman cape swooping from her back, and come out from under the pointy finger of perfection and routine?

Then, there are the haunting visions she keeps seeing during her 5 am cup of tea and quiet time.

A woman comes forth, she’s at ease, joyful, radiant. She’s confident and free to do whatever the fuck she wants, not pushed around by the prison guards of her mind. This woman of her imagination carries lengthy limbs, small hips, wide-set eyes, and a distinct nose. Her face is familiar and not at the same time. Although she has a similar physical frame as Ren, there’s a depth in her eyes, an otherworldly wisdom, wildness, and a strength she can’t help but notice and …desire.

The image of this woman cuts through Ren’s self-deception.

There’s a secret story she’s been telling herself for decades. The story serves a purpose, of course, otherwise, she would have abandoned it years ago when she first started writing it. This narrative protects her from ever feeling rejected or hurt again. It keeps her madness at bay and without it she knows she’d have a breakdown, or would she?

She shudders at the thought of unraveling from the tangled-up chapters she’s crafted and then she remembers a famous maxim, one she’s repeated many times before to her children, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

What if she told someone about her secret? What if that someone started with herself?

The transformation quickens when Ren finally whispers the secret aloud to her bathroom mirror and confesses it to the pages of her journal. Then, within hours she collides with the exact woman she’s been seeing in her early morning visions. To make matters more perplexing she finds out this woman is about to move into the house next door.

Reluctantly, Ren forms a magical bond with her mysterious neighbor.

Alongside this burgeoning friendship, Ren is drawn into the enchanted realm of poetry where she receives a compelling invitation- one she believes will profoundly alter the course of her existence.

Will she find the courage she needs to finally break free from her own rules, end a secure and comfortable 40-year relationship with herself, and ultimately face her secret and the unknown with curiosity and openness?

Will she whisper yes to the universe’s call to travel just beyond herself?


What intriguing characters and stories, dreams or ideas won’t leave you alone? Set a timer for 15 minutes and see how it feels to pretend as if they are HERE today, in front of you, a part of your life and reality, no longer just in your head.

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