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A Manifesto for A Year of Adventure

Cultivate a child-like curiosity for the mystery of life. Pair my honest, quiet questions with a heart to seek Him expectantly, not for an answer, but for the sake of delighting in Him and His surprises.

Savor His secrets, letting the Holy Spirit sift them through my heart slowly, instead of sharing them and ruining their sacredness.

Ponder God’s promises like Mary did even when she carried the Promised One in her womb, storing them up in the treasure chest of my heart, with a new fervor to guard my intimacy with Him.

Do more gazing out onto the mountains shaped by His words where wonder leaves me speechless, than staring at my shape in the mirror and wondering who I am.

Don’t ever stop asking the question, “What’s next Papa?” Pursuing a Spirit-led life is always more thrilling than chasing worldly success.

Remember God’s voice will always sound a little uncivilized to my ears. His playfulness can seem foolish to someone at my age. Follow Him that direction anyway.

Repeat the words of Romans 12:2 again and again and again, “Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.” Instead of mimicking a striving, attention-seeking world (which is so easy to do!), put out new invitations and signposts for those hungry for a back-country adventure- where we travel together into the heart of a wild God.

Carefully and patiently unlearn some of the scripted theology I’ve grown up with about what God is like and how He sees me and you.

Welcome a whispered way of life, where I don’t worry about the reach of my influence or the breadth of my impact, but see the beauty of working diligently with my hands (in absolute obscurity at times!), creating life within my home, and tending to the roots of my own heart. This is a more sustainable life, albeit slower, I know it yields the organic, healthy change that will transform generations to come.

See restlessness and busy for what it really is- a symptom of an unnoticed sickness sweeping across our land- we are bored with God. The cure:  fix my attention on God and ask Him to awaken me to my adventure with Him right here.

I’d love to hear what parts of this resonated with your heart…

And, how Jesus is inviting you into an adventure with Him this year!

**Also, the pink, underlined statements are links to some of my favorite posts from last year where I write more in depth about that topic.

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  1. This is beautiful! Inspired poetry. I’m definitely going to be writing down the reminder to look for the “Mountains shaped by God’s word where wonder leaves me speechless, instead of staring at my shape in the mirror…” Wow! Wow to all of it. Well said! I’m so glad to find someone who’s heart is on the same journey with God!