Dear Friend and Fellow Traveler…

Dear Friend and Fellow Traveler,

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel so worn out. Exhausted by my mixed emotions, lists that need checked, and all the responsibilities that go along with life.

Is this all there is?  I often wonder to myself.

However, there’s nothing that gets me out of my funk quicker than this…


I think faith is one of the words we throw around a lot without really understanding what it looks like and what it does in our life.

To me faith looks like this- exploring the unknown with Jesus.

And did you realize that God invites us into the adventure of exploring the unknown everyday?


He knows better than we do, that walking by faith is the secret to experiencing Him and life in all their fullness.

There is no other way.

But sometimes we think there is. We yearn to have a flourishing and lively walk with Jesus so we automatically assume that being involved with church more, reading our bibles more, or praying more is the answer.

Don’t get me wrong, all of these are necessary and good.

But I picture these activities much like I am sitting and studying with a friend, calling them every so often, or going to important events together. We are in each other’s presence, but not really engaged or involved. 

The difference comes when we do everyday, normal life together. Without this, friendship grows stale and intimacy is just an idea.

This is exactly why God invites and initiates, pursues and woos our hearts relentlessly!

Around every corner of the day are opportunities to know Him, fall in love with Him, and grow closer to His heart.


And many times these opportunities come in the form of walking by faith in our embarrassingly normal lives.

“Will you trust me?” He whispers. “Come out and explore the unknown with me.” He says with that look in His eye.

It could be trusting Him with relationships or emotional needs. It could be trusting Him with a job change or for a spouse. It could be trusting Him to provide for your discouraging diagnosis or your finances each month. It could be trusting Him as you make the phone call, make dinner, or encourage your neighbor.

Will you respond with expectancy and excitement to His invitation to trust each day?


Your little yes and your small step may seem insignificant, but it’s not. You are choosing to walk, risk, surrender, dream, and change with Jesus which means…

Intimacy is no longer an idea and your faith isn’t a figment of your imagination. As you practice exploring the unknown with Him, Jesus becomes more real than the skin on your bones.

The more you travel with Him, the more you begin to see what you’ve never seen before…

Jesus, His presence, His kingdom, and it’s nearer than you ever dreamed possible. 

Faith wears everyday clothes and proves herself in life’s ordinary situations. ~Bertha Munro

Will you join me in the adventure of exploring the unknown? Let’s show the world who He is!

Traveling with you,



This Thursday, October 1st the new Art of Adventure Journal series releases!

There are three new journals, each one representing a different adventure we are invited into with God. Today I am highlighting The Adventure of Exploring the Unknown journal. It is my prayer that through this guided journal, filled with creative questions and prompts, you will make saying YES to unknown and wildly trusting God a part of your everyday life. Our faith becomes tangible and contagious as you and I take His hand with expectancy and excitement, trusting Him to lead us in every step we take.

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