A Collection of Newsletters I Can’t Wait To Open

A few times a year my inbox is weighed down with newsletters from authors, coaches, health experts, business gurus, and spiritual institutes, all of which I have chosen to receive and felt compelled to hit the “sign me up!” button.

They land every day of the week in my mailbox and eventually, I reach a point where I can’t keep up with all of them coming through.

But I let it happen because I’ve noticed a pattern…

After the overwhelm sets in, I find myself deleting newsletters without any FOMO and inevitably my favorites begin to surface.

I can’t think clearly with a cluttered home or inbox, so when the cuts start to happen, nothing is safe.

What starts out as a simple delete eventually leads to a full unsubscribe.

And then the cycle repeats itself.

Discover well-crafted newsletters based on various topics I’m exploring.
Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.
Open and read every issue.
Inbox saturated.
Read less of them.
Delete some without opening.
Unsubscribe without guilt.
The ones I look forward to reading come to the top.

There are only a handful of evergreen newsletters I love to receive, but I notice how they each deliver in these areas every time:

  • Valuable and useful content
  • Easy on the eyes and brain, not just a sea of endless paragraphs
  • Thought-provoking, stirs up new ideas, and stimulates my creativity
  • Fill me with joy and make me curious about life

So, join me as I present to you a captivating collection of newsletters, across various topics, all of which have earned a permanent spot in my inbox.

(Note: For time’s sake, I’ll highlight 5 in detail and include the rest in a much simpler list at the end.)

One. 3-2-1 Thursday by James Clear

Every newsletter delivers 3 ideas (from him), 2 quotes (from others), and 1 question. I always end up writing down a portion of it in my journal, like this idea:

“Passion is a feeling that follows action. It tends to be created or discovered, not predicted or planned. You don’t find your passion. It finds you as you get in the mix and try things.”

Two. That Seems Important by Margo Aaron

She fuels my creative journey and opens me up to new perspectives. Her writing is top notch and she holds nothing back. Here’s a piece from what she wrote this week:

“Creativity is the path to connection. It’s the thing that connects us to our humanity.

It fires up your will to live, without which, what are we doing?

The crisis of soul suicide, destroying yourself to be something you’re not – it will kill you.

It might not be an immediate death. It might be worse. It might be a lifetime of bitterness, resentment, anger, and pain.

You have a chance to save yourself when you light up your insides.”

Three. George Kao

I can’t stop mentioning George. He simplifies and humanizes business and marketing. He’s basically the only voice I listen to now in this arena. His newsletter is a rundown of his weekly and monthly content, so you don’t miss a thing, and trust me, you don’t want to! Here’s a snippet of what you can expect to receive:

To get attention authentically, practice demonstrating your care…

In marketing it is assumed that the goal, the daily effort, is to get more views, more followers, more sales…. always wanting other people to do more of what we want them to do.

Conventional marketing is very self-centered… 

The result is the proliferation of questionable marketing strategies and pushy sales tactics, that aim to “grab” audience attention and persuade them to action.”

Four. Ageist

Their mission is to show people, mainly those 40 and over, “a new approach to health, personal goal setting, relationships, style, and culture. We want to provide a new outlook on what people young and old should expect to achieve and experience in their life.” Their newsletter is a weekly roundup packed full of rich and inspiring pieces.

There is always a profile of someone living adventurously. This week it was Debra Hotaling who started rock climbing at age 60 to “shake everything up.”

Plus, they always include the latest health science news, book recommendations, and a favorite things list.

Five. Zibby Mag

I adore Zibby Owens, founder of Zibby Books Publishing House and the famous, “Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books” podcast. It seems like she’s always starting something! Just in the last year, she opened Zibby’s bookshop in Santa Monica, began hosting retreats, and launched online and in-person classes and workshops on the craft of writing and publishing.

She sends out the Zibby Mag and I’m always drawn to her colorful book picks, engaging essays, and fun author interviews!

We’re not done yet! Here are some more newsletters I don’t ignore:

Weekly Garden Notes from Bailey Van Tassell for my garden inspiration. She lives in California but I’m captivated by her simple backyard garden and encouragement to grow flowers and plant veggies no matter the size of your space!

The Monday Muse from Brie Stoner, a musician, artist, momma, deep thinker, and rule breaker. She recently opened up her private 1 on 1 spiritual direction and creative coaching sessions. It’s called Insight and you can see her post about it here.

– The Morning Brew for a quick dose of daily news and as they say, “Become smarter in just five minutes.” Morning Brew somehow manages to feel light and readable even when topics or headlines might be grim.

Alex and Books for GOBS of book recs and reasons to keep my reading life going strong!

And to end, I flip through these 2 blog posts on the weekend like I’m reading a good magazine.

Cup of Jo’s Weekend Links (do you know Cup of Jo? You need to!)

Everyday Parisians’ Links I Love (comes out every Saturday and she fills my hunger for all things Europe and travel)


Alright friends, we’ve come to the end. Now it’s time for you to decide!

I’m curious which of these appeal most to you? Are you ready to sign up, dive in, and let these newsletters sprinkle your inbox with joy and wisdom?

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t also invite you to my very own letter called Some Happy Things: a weekly-ish guide to awaken your adventurous soul!

You can bet it won’t just add clutter to your already overflowing inbox. I promise you’ll be excited to read it and if not, unsubscribe immediately! The next one is coming out in a few days!


Have a weekend full of deep thinking, generous amounts of rest, and radiant sunshine from within your own soul.

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