8 Truths I Never Want My 8-Year-Old To Forget (But That She Probably Already Knows.)

She turns 8 today and she still firmly believes in fairies and making wishes and unicorns, and refuses to let anyone tell her otherwise.

Her closest is full of stretch pants and sparkly heart or bright flowery t-shirts, jeans don’t stand a chance. She has a stubbornness about her I secretly love and admire, and hope it never fades. Since birth, many people called her delicate, but since birth, she has been tenacious, spirited, and undaunted by any challenge.

Is there really anything I need to teach my daughter?

She is intuitive, playful, and fresh on this earth, every morning she awakens to yet another exuberant celebration. What more does she need to succeed in this life? 

As her mom, I am at my best when I step back, sit at her feet in awe of who she is becoming, and silence my incessant nagging and worry and critique.

My only job is to tell her she is wonderful and wise and maybe show her how to keep living out these 8 truths for the rest of her life.


1. There is magic and mystery swirling inside you, explore your own soul, & write your own bible.

2. Life is a strenuous and exhilarating adventure, accept the invitation in the daily, winding paths.

3. Surround yourself with interesting people, who are at home in the world.

4. Keep asking questions and stay curious.

5. Never stop riding your bike or running barefoot on the beach or planting tiny gardens.

6. Enjoy your own company, you are complete and whole already.

7. Read books late into the night and before the sun rises.

8. Treat everyone as a good friend and ask them to sit at your table.

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