7 Creative Dates with God!


Dating God? Yes! Definitely. 

After six years of marriage and two children, my husband and I are only now realizing the absolute, inarguable truth of the need to still date one another! Obviously our relationship isn’t built upon picnics, movie night, slow walks, or dinner out, but it does add to our marriage something that we are in danger of losing all the time…


Dating one another reminds us that…

  • Being friends is essential to being lovers.
  • We must be intentional about spending time together.
  • Laughing, talking, and being together keeps our love free from the stresses and seriousness of life.
  • Marriage take joyful work and cultivation, quality time and energy.
  • The routine and rhythms of ordinary life sometimes threaten the colorful, beautiful, potent nature of marriage.
  • We are still young and in love with each other.
  • We need to stay together, sharing dreams, communicating our hearts, and walking in unity

With that said, our relationship with God is no different than a marriage. In fact if anything, it runs deeper. We can live without our spouse; we can not live without God. God is our life. Whether we care to notice or not, He is committed to living in us and with us, He wouldn’t want it any other way. 

I don’t know about you, but I know I fall out of love for God. Not that my love for Him is based purely on my feelings, but sometimes I just miss the romance, that giddy, starry-eyed, shaky knees feeling for my One True Love- Jesus.

It’s so easy to get familiar with God. To get in healthy, but nonetheless stale routines. We read the word, we journal, we go to church, we worship, we think about Him throughout our day, we pray, we give, we serve, essentially we do all the right things.

And this is what I do with marriage too. I do the right things. But the right things aren’t always enough.

God wants real intimacy with me and you. The kind of intimacy that makes you blush just thinking about it. Yes, that kind of intimacy. He wants to romance us and woo us. He wants to take us away with Him and captivate us. He takes delight in me and you.

One of the meanings for “delight” in the original language is “to bend down”. 

Imagine that…God bending low. Looking you straight in the eyes, into the depths of your soul. He wants you. All of you. He can’t take His eyes off you because you are His beloved. In essence, God wants to take you on dates, to win your heart over everyday, to get you giddy and excited about being with Him all over again!

Going on dates with God may sound and be a little awkward at first, but give it a try! It can only deepen your relationship with Him, reveal more of His heart for you, and perhaps stoke the fires of genuine passion you hold in your heart for only Him.

Here 7 creative dates to get your started: 

  1. Write a love letter to Him!
  2. Celebrate Him with cupcakes or cake {just because!}. Bake something yummy and eat it with Him and savor His presence with you as you “taste and see that He is good.”
  3. Coffee with Jesus…have you ever made Him a cup too?! I know it sounds weird, but just be silly and try it!
  4. List off the graces and blessings He’s given you in your life. Isaiah 63:7-8 (MSG) reads,

    I’ll make a list of God’s gracious dealings, all the things God has done that need praising, all the generous bounties of God, his great goodness to the family of Israel—Compassion lavished, love extravagant.

  5. Invite Him to your dinner table. Set the table with one extra plate! I’ve done this and it’s profound. Talk to Him as if He is there…because He is!
  6. Sneak away early in the morning or late at night to catch the sunset or sunrise with Him. Pack a picnic to take along and get ready to pour out your heart and hear His too.
  7. Grab your camera and set out a scavenger hunt to find God. Go slow. Take notice. Practicing savoring His beauty all around you. Take pictures along the way of all the surprises you find! You can download a copy of the Scavenger Hunt to carry with you here!

Okay, your turn! Any you would add to the list. 

Praying that you find this adventure to be truly romantic with Jesus.


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