50 Things I Love

Joy feels fleeting and fast. If you don’t snag it as it sprints by it seems to disappear, completely out of sight.

And yet, when I do successfully land it on my hook, it’s a wriggly, wiggly thing, like a wet fish flopping about. It’s unruly, always looking for an escape route. I cannot hold onto it for dear life.

Joy simply will not stay put in my corner.

So I resolve to let it go…again.

Goodbye joy. Can we meet again soon? I sigh and wrap my arms around myself. Everything will be okay, even now.

Joy is a fickle thing- yes.

But I think I’ve figured it out- joy waits for us to release it, to stop trying to hook it on our line, then toss it in a dark freezer for preservation.

Joy needs light and air and freedom in order to flow within and around us.

Joy is attracted to our openness to life, our relaxation into reality, and our release of all expectations.

Of course we’d love nothing more than for joy to belong solely to us, but it refuses to be owned. We can’t look up it’s permanent address because it has none. Joy only waits for us to set the table so it can come by for a brief and momentary visit.

I think we can set up our lives in such a way that we’re prepared for our passerby friend named joy, willing to wait for its arrival without worry, and then release it with our most generous spirit.

We must constantly remind ourselves: Joy has come before, it will always come again. I need only to remember all the places I saw it last.

  1. a text from an old friend
  2. a long walk
  3. a deep conversation
  4. a tall mug of tumeric, ginger tea
  5. a smile from a stranger
  6. a quiet morning
  7. a child’s fort
  8. a light breeze on a hot day
  9. a soft hoodie
  10. clean sheets
  11. clean children
  12. clean counters
  13. front yard flowers
  14. morning bird song
  15. french cafe music
  16. dreams of living in Europe
  17. sweat dripping down my back
  18. baguettes and bicycles
  19. summer evenings
  20. ocean waves
  21. winding trails
  22. serene lakes
  23. a bowl of cereal
  24. peanut butter and jelly
  25. a sip of my husband’s coffee
  26. rainbows
  27. fuzzy blankets
  28. gripping stories
  29. tiny fairy gardens
  30. bouquets of wildflowers
  31. bright pink
  32. a full day outside
  33. fresh air
  34. picnics
  35. running
  36. upbeat tunes
  37. forest green
  38. kittens
  39. my pillow and blanket
  40. trail mix
  41. a bike ride
  42. handwritten notes
  43. sending a surprise gift
  44. seashells
  45. poetry
  46. islands
  47. quaint cottage-like houses
  48. harbors
  49. cobblestone streets
  50. bookstores

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