5 Things To Remember About Change.

When change is on the horizon, it’s easy to focus on what we are going to miss or lose.

Every time my husband and I have had to uproot ourselves and move or go thorough change of any sort,  we’ve mourned a loss. In our conversations and thoughts you would find these words, “Surely, we will never have that again…God can’t possibly give us something better.”


We focused on the friends we had to say goodbye too, the traditions we’d miss, or the perfection of that particular place and season. Nothing could compare to what we had here. Things cannot be better than what we have right now.

But change awakens our heart, revealing all that we cling to- perhaps people, a place, possessions, or patterns in our life.

It feels like a disruption or distraction because we want nothing more than sameness and sanity in life.

However… with God, change signifies a new chapter.



The story begins to unfold a little more, the plot thickens, and the characters develop. We can’t wait to turn the next page to see what happens! Change is an opportunity to be captivated by the story God is telling with and through our lives.  

It’s normal to mourn when changes come. It’s healthy to reflect on all that we will miss, but we can’t stay there.

If He is bringing change into our life, if a move is on the horizon, if a new season is looming, than we can rejoice.

When God says it’s time to turn the page than we can have expectation and excitement for what is to come.

Over the years, I’ve seen God do it again and again. The next chapter is always better than the last. Of course that doesn’t mean that change is easy. It never is. But we don’t have to fear the pages turning in our lives. We don’t have to stay in sorrow over the losses and the letting goes.

God only knows how to write page-turners. And change is a key element in His gripping adventure story for our lives.


Next time you sense a change coming or are surprised by change, remember to embrace it because…

  • You are not meant to lead a boring life. It may look mundane at times, but change is God’s reminder to you that life with Him is thrilling and exhilarating.

  • Change is an opportunity to see God’s goodness and provision yet again. Only with God can we trust fully that- the best is yet to come.

  • Change is not just many losses, but millions of gains. He might be taking away, oh but He is giving – focus on His extreme generosity through the change.

  • Change is God’s invitation into more life. Change releases our grip from temporary pleasures and pursuits and frees us to run wild with God.
  • Change is proof of God’s presence in your life. He is obviously alive and active- moving and working- so sit on the edge of your seat with expectation for what He is about to do!

What changes are coming your way, where is God asking you to trust Him…which of these do you need to remember today about change today?


//Maybe you’re reading this with longing, you are desperate for any sign of movement, waiting and wishing for a new season…a change. Change doesn’t always have to be on the outside, in our physical lives and surroundings. God is constantly changing us from the inside-out, look their first…what is He changing in you?\\

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