5 Revelations To Help You Fall In Love With Life Again.

Life is hard. I know this, you know this. We’re reminded of it every single day, whether we like it or not. It takes no effort or energy to find the evidence- look no further than our own wrinkled faces or overused phones. 

As a self-diagnosed pessimist I am constantly experimenting with fresh ways of looking at the world. It takes practice to put on horse blinders, to constantly spot what is right with life, instead of falling into the pit of despair about what is all wrong. Let me be clear, it doesn’t mean I’m bypassing my sticky emotions or ho-humming my way through challenging situations.

But I am redirecting my focus as often as possible, attempting to imagine the beauty of what could be.

Here are five revelations helping me fall in love with life again. As far I’m concerned, they are proven facts I simply cannot choose to ignore anymore. Life is hard, yes, and…

Life is too interesting.

I already grieve all that I will not be able to study, learn, and experience when I leave this earth. I’m overwhelmed in the best way with how much there is to discover every day. Endless topics to investigate. Stories to soak up. Books to devour. Timeless wisdom to absorb.

Dig in, friends!

Life is too generous.

When I stop for just one second, let the light into my eyes, and see as if for the first time, I’m blown away by the sheer beauty of the natural world. A trail of gifts, ready to be opened. From the delicate pink blossoms on the cherry trees, to the neon green of spring grass, and the giant puffs of whip cream clouds overhead. We will never come to the end of this path, I dare you to try. 

Life is too compassionate.

The thoughtfulness of friends, the smiles of strangers, the kindness of neighbors, and the joy of family. Each of us committed to care and cooperation. At the core of every person is a wish for world peace and a desire for the prosperity of all. Yes, we will say dumb things and act without thinking, perpetuating hurt and causing pain. Today, I’ve already blown it. Three times or more.

Yet, I believe our ultimate aim is to dwell as kin and eradicate war and killing as the way forward.

This leads me to…

Life is too forgiving.

Have you ever thought about the miracle of sleep, of rest, of recovery? We wake and rise again to a new hour, a new day, bursting with possibility. A buffet of yummy choices and decisions at our fingertips.

We can be intentional with time, befriend it and work with it as an artist, to shape our destinies.

Neither our past nor our pain holds the keys. We can step into another story, turn the page, write the next chapter, or start all over if we must. I’m finally starting to trust life will catch me. She has soft hands and a safe heart. I can plod along here knowing the Universe is plotting for our success.

Life never stops rolling out second, third, and fourth chances. We don’t ever have to worry we’ve missed the boat because it’s always pulling up beside us ready to take us on an adventure.

Life is too good.

Writing those four words makes me nervous. I am still unlearning nasty narratives like this one- something bad is going to happen. But when I tell myself to keep an eye out for the little things, the microscopic miracles, I make out the pattern etched into the scraps of my day.

Goodness abounds and I am sent here to gather it up into the basket of my memory.

If I look back over my shoulder, down through the years, pain and heartache make appearances, but doom and destruction aren’t the main characters. The overarching theme pulling the story along, begging for our participation is this- life is really, REALLY good.




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