5 Books I Couldn’t Put Down in June (& what all my favorite books have in common)

I can’t wait to share with you the 5 books I couldn’t put down this month! There were many I had to push through in order to finish and a couple I shyly stopped reading altogether.

I’m still learning how to quit books faster if they are a bore to me, especially if they have rave reviews on Amazon.

But I am noticing my favorite reads all have similar qualities:

  1. The story captures me from the very first chapter. I am there.
  2. I can resonate with the feelings or life circumstances of one of the characters.
  3. I find myself asking questions about where the plot is headed, and thus…
  4. I’m pulled along effortlessly through every page and have a hard time predicting how it will end.
  5. My time feels like it’s never been wasted and my life has been enriched in multiple ways!

Obviously, these titles won’t appeal to everyone (It appears love stories are my thing this month!) but I share them with you because they match all my “favorite reads” criteria.

My goal is to ignite your reading life and inspire you to discover some new favorite books this month!

1. The Light We Lost: Two words- the ending. I cried telling my husband about this one as we drank our morning tea/coffee together.

2. It Ends With Us: I finished Verity by Coleen Hoover in a few days last month (gripping, highly recommend!), and immediately had to get my hands on another one of her books again. I was not disappointed!

3. How To Stay Married: For some reason, I knew my husband and I had to read this memoir together. He was hooked from page one. We raced through this one before the week was over and discussed it every day, multiple times a day. It was timely and everything we needed in marriage right now, especially when divorce is happening all around us and ours feels old and frail.

4. Love and Other Words: Again, hooked from the first chapter. I was invested in these two lovebirds, Macy and Elliot, from the beginning. The alternating “then” and “now” chapters kept me curious and made it difficult to put down.

5. Four Seasons in Rome: Cherishing this one. (Still reading it.) What can I say…I long for Europe, and Anthony Doerr’s memoir about his 1-year stint in Rome with his newborn twins took me there immediately. Not to mention the writing and imagery throughout the book are the work of a master word weaver.

I’ll wrap this up with the perfect quote,

“I always spent money on books. I never viewed that as an expense. That’s an investment to me.”

Naval Ravikant

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