40 Days of Adventure with God::Section 4

Welcome to Section 4: A Beautiful Adventure

Watch the short video below! 


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Creative Dates with God

This PDF includes some creative dates to get you thinking about different ways you can connect and bring back the romance in this adventure with God! Section 4 is all about taking the risk (again and again and again!) of love-generously giving ourselves, our hearts, and our time to people, and first and foremost to God. So often we cultivate relationship with Jesus through good things like reading the Bible, worshiping Him through song, praying, and going to church, but it’s easy to lose the romance. I believe God wants to woo us and make us blush. He wants to take us on a love adventure with Him, traveling deeper into His heart everyday.


Adventure Practice:

Have someone you don’t know very well over to your house. Ask questions, get to know them, listen carefully and deeply without distraction. Also, share some of your story as well. {and not just the good parts} Open up and be yourself, in doing so you give others the space and grace to be themselves as well!


Complete days 31-40 in your journal then be sure to take some time to complete the intentional adventure & adventure manifesto in the last pages of your journal so that you continue moving forward into new adventures with Jesus. 

Remember…this is only the beginning!