40 Days of Adventure with God::Section 3

Welcome to Section 3: Moving through Obstacles

Watch the video for section 3 below! 

Note: This video is a bit longer than the others have been, but I pray that it is an encouragement to you! In this video I’m getting real about an obstacle/fear that I face in my life almost daily in hopes that you can also relate and find the strength you need to move through obstacles instead of getting stuck there.

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6 Days of Different

The 6 days of different challenge is the last day of this section (day 30), but you can use it anytime really! Anytime you want to jump start your heart to get out of ruts and routines that are unhealthy or remind yourself that you were made to walk in faith everyday instead of fear. There is nothing magical about 6 days- it’s simply a practical way and a symbol to help you remember that you were created for adventure with Jesus- an adventure that often times is outside your familiar comfort zones. 


Adventure Practice:

For this section, the practice might seem a bit unrelated, but let me explain. I believe that God calls us to move through obstacles (fear, doubt, worry, our past, difficult circumstances, etc.) not just for our sake, but so that others might be encouraged to do the same. We can experience both genuine joy and grueling challenges at the same time when we realize that what we are going through can actually be used to encourage someone else!

So in this section think of those in your life who can you encourage? Perhaps it’s an uplifting word, writing them a note, sending them a card, serving them in some way, giving them a phone call, etc… 

Jot their names down on the title page of this section of your journal or throughout the pages as people come to mind!

Complete days 21-30 in your journal then go to section 4