40 Days of Adventure with God::Section 2

Welcome to Section 2: Exploring the Unknown

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Scavenger Hunt with God

This is a simple way to remember that God is seeking to reveal Himself in our ordinary days! Exploring the unknown is a constant part of our adventure with God. He is constantly inviting us to step out and trust that He is with us in everything- that every season, circumstance, person, mundane responsibility is an opportunity to see His glory. I use this scavenger hunt as a way to practically remember that wherever He leads me throughout my days, His presence is there, I just need to look.


Adventure Practice:

  • For this section challenge yourself to discover new ways to meet with God in these pages as well as throughout your day. As you go through days 8-20 open yourself up to creatively interact with Him and His word- perhaps it’s painting, sketching, writing, cutting out pictures of what’s on your heart, praying aloud, sitting in silence, going for a walk, dancing, singing worship to Him…there are so many ways to be with Jesus! If we are going to explore the unknown with Him we need to practice daily getting out of our comfort zones.


  • In this section you will revisit your dreams and dream anew…share with someone one of those dreams & one step you are taking toward it!


Complete days 8-20 in your journal then move on to section 3