40 Days of Adventure with God::Section 1

Welcome to 40 Days of Adventure with God!

Over the next 40 days we will honestly confront our comfort zones {in this particular season of our life} and explore what it would look like to join God on an adventure right now…in our midst…today. Along with your journal, there is a short video, an adventure practice, and free downloads with each of the 4 sections.

Obviously, it’s up to you how much you get out of these next 40 days, but I encourage you to do one day at a time. If there is something that stands out to along the way- make a note of it- and then come back to it at the end of the 40 days. If you fall behind, just get back into the next day, don’t worry about catching back up!

Also, please share your adventures and what you are learning with other people in your life. This will help solidify what God is sharing with you, take it deeper into your heart, & make it more real. Obviously do this in His timing 🙂

You are also invited to share your adventures over the next 40 days using #40daysofadventurewithgod or #practicingtheartofadventure on social media!

Before you begin with section 1::

Make sure to read through the How to Use Your Journal section. Then, in a quiet space with Jesus take some time to complete the Naming My Comfort Zones & A Prayer of Adventure in the first pages of your journal.

Section 1::

Watch this short video below!

Free Downloads!

Invitation to Adventure

The invitation to adventure is something that I think about nearly everyday! I encourage you to even place it in an envelope and put it beside your bed as a reminder that each morning God is inviting you to TRUST, to FOLLOW, to WALK with Him on a beautiful adventure…or hang it up on your fridge or in your office…wherever you can see it on a regular basis.

Everyday Adventurer’s Manifesto 

The manifesto is meant to be a constant reminder of what it means to celebrate life as an adventure with God- moving beyond our fears, dreaming with Him, welcoming change, stepping out in faith, and loving people extravagantly in our midst!


Adventure Practice:

The adventure practice for this section is simple. Dive into and meditate on the summary of Abraham’s journey of faith in Genesis chapter 12 and 15 and Hebrews 11:8-10. Put yourself in his place… picture yourself going on a faith adventure with God everyday of your life what would it look for you right now in your life?

Then fill in the blank below and write it out either in your journal (Day 7)  or somewhere you can see it as you go through the next 40 days.

 By an act of faith, I am saying yes to God’s call to travel to _________________________________
{where is God nudging you to step out on this adventure with Him?}
& leave behind these comfort zones:

Where are you now…what are your comfort zones…where do you feel God encouraging you to take a next step to trust Him and move beyond what you’ve always known? 

Complete days 1- 7 in your journal then go to section 2