40 Days of Adventure with God!

The Invitation

I really didn’t want to do this, at least not right now, when I feel like I don’t have it all together and life in general feels a little chaotic.

I wanted to put it off another week or a month, or cancel it all together.

But then I realized, none of that was from the Lord and I was about to miss out.

Miss out on what you ask?

An adventure with Him!

He is inviting me to say yes to Him, no matter my feelings, my situation, or my circumstances.

Isn’t this how most of us feel everyday?

We don’t feel ready or perfect or worthy enough…and so we hold off, we stay put, we back down, or we give up before we ever hear His invitation.

So I decided to jump in, trust God, and say YES to this adventure, hoping you will also do the same!


For this adventure with God you don’t need to feel like you have it all together, you don’t even need to feel motivated, or excited. Maybe you’re entering into a new season or going through a time of change, perhaps you are lonely, bored, and frustrated, or busy, frantic, and running on empty. Maybe you are just desiring more of God or asking Him for direction into the unknown or dreaming of a future without fear.

Wherever you are today- God is inviting you into a wild and beautiful adventure with Him.

It’s all about welcoming change, trusting Him, leaving fear, stepping into the unknown, embracing mystery, and walking by faith…in little ways, everyday. 

We will be using the 40 Days of Practicing the Art of Adventure Journal to guide us through questions and prompts that will help us imagine this kind of life… A life caught up in the beauty of Jesus, and aware of His presence in and around us. A life that is expectant and excited to abide with Him, explore the unknown, and take the biggest risk of all – loving Him with all our heart and loving others just the same.

It is my prayer that each prompt over the next 40 days will not just stop on the pages of this journal, but will turn into practices that guide you into adventure everyday of your life.

Because truthfully, we don’t need money or passports, we don’t need to take flying leaps from airplanes or quit our jobs, the best kind of adventures start in our heart and lead us deeper into His! Adventure is all about staying with Jesus, clinging to Him tightly like a starfish to a rock.


The Details

Starting tomorrow we will walk through 40 days of practicing the art of adventure journal together. Each day we will invite God to help us travel out of our comfort zones, see life differently, and show us where He wants to lead us by faith as we abide with Him. We will ponder, sketch, scribble, and get creative in our journals, documenting all that God speaks and reveals to our hearts!

Let’s ask God to make us women who live out each day as an adventure with Him- expectant and excited for all that He has for us, no matter how we feel or where we find ourselves! He is inviting us into the unknown everyday…let’s follow!

*I will be posting encouragement,  prompts, and scripture everyday on my Instragram.

*Use #40daysofadventurewithGod to share what you are learning as well! And if you don’t use IG there is a private facebook group you can be a part of as well- go here.

*If you’d like to join us- but don’t have a 40 day art of adventure journal yet you can grab one here or just use your own… OR enter the giveaway today on my instagram!

Traveling with you,


Sometimes our comfort zones are the walls that block us from God’s best for our lives. When we dare to step beyond them, we open doors to things we never thought possible. Holley Gerth




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