3 Podcasts I Listened To Before 8 am That Challenged Me To Place Higher Value on What I Offer, Try Out More Ideas, and Make Adventurous Change

I may not be in school anymore, but I consider it my job to never stop learning and studying.

I’m fascinated by people’s interests, their expertise, and stories. I believe I can gain new insights and perspectives from anyone, anywhere. It’s partly why I’m never far from a stack of books and have a list of podcasts I can’t wait to dive into every day.

For those who might be curious, here are 3 interesting takeaways from podcasts I listened to while doing my morning exercise routine.

I’ll highlight a quote from the episode as well as why it resonated with me. My goal in sharing what I’m learning with you is to:

  • pass on valuable wisdom,
  • inspire you to find creative ways to keep learning a priority in your life,
  • and to move both of us to take meaningful action.

Place Higher Value on What I Offer

A few years ago I would have turned off this conversation. Now, I tune in. For my entire adult life I have hated talking about wealth.

Although I have experience with selling a few products and services online, I’ve never wanted to charge people for them. I cringed thinking about making a profit of more than a few dollars or asking my clients to pay me for a coaching session.

Free or very cheap felt like the best option. Everyone would still like me then and I could remain comfortable and free from criticism.

I have grown in my mindset towards money but it remains a touchy subject. At least now, I understand how far-reaching the consequences can be. If I don’t nurture my relationship with money and change my thoughts and beliefs around wealth and abundance I will never see my dreams come to fruition and never evolve into future iterations of myself.

In this podcast episode, Cathy Heller shares part of her coaching session with a client, Sarah, which led to a conversation about the pricing surrounding her new offer. Cathy focused in on the fear we all have around charging money for what we create and asked the question, “Why are we not allowing ourselves to have money?”

You’re not doing anyone any favors by charging so little. You get to decide. Do you want to be the most accessible, cheap thing in town? Please don’t decide to be Walmart. People don’t go to Walmart for the best. They go for easy. They go for commodities that are thrown away. People don’t get excited about their purchases. They don’t hold onto those things as heirlooms in their life. They don’t tell you how it changed them as a person.”

from the Cathy Heller podcast, A Wake Up Call From Moving from Lack into Abundance

Make Adventurous Change

Alastair Humphreys’ message and passion for leading a life of adventure never fail to inspire me! He has biked around the world, rowed across the Atlantic, and busked his way through Spain playing the violin, although an extreme amateur. In this interview, he reminded me I will never have all three – time, money, and health. But having the desire, the “mojo”, plus one is enough to start down a new path!

“Wait until you got the mojo, the will, the desire, the enthusiasm, the appetite…if you’ve got that plus either time or money or health then you’re in a position to do something. Maybe not everything, but you can do something. You can make some sort of adventurous change. So as long as you got the mojo, and as long as you got one of those other things going for you, then go for it.”

from The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, Ep. 108 Does This Year Matter? with Alastair Humphreys, The Doorstep Mile

Try Out More Ideas

This podcast from Extraordinary Women gave me more confirmation to give myself time and space to think about what it is I want to do and also to jump in and try it out.

Ultimately, both gaining experience and giving time for exploration are essential in becoming more of ourselves and learning what it is we want to do in each season of our lives.

A few takeaways from this episode:

  • Try out all your ideas
  • When we’re thinking of pivoting- we need to give ourselves time and space to explore possibilities
  • Set aside time each day to think about what you love to do- mindmap, doodle, connect ideas.
  • How to stay inspired: go out into the world!
  • Find people who are already doing what you’re interested in and find out how they live, what’s in their heads, and how that’s different than you.
  • “Life is one big experiment….we try out so many roles and career paths.”

From Extraordinary Women, Ep. 120: Wisdom from Ina Garten

Is there any topic or statement that you want to write down and remember from the above?

Do you have a favorite podcast you look forward to each week?

What is one topic you want to learn more about?

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