3 Kinds of Music I Have on Repeat to Boost Creativity, Calm, & Connection

Have you experienced the mysterious effects of music on your state of mind?

Not only do my moods change instantly, but I also notice how:

  • Popping on some Vivaldi or Tchaikovsky suddenly makes me more imaginative.
  • Listening to my uptempo “run fast” playlist indeed quells fatigue and fills me with energy.
  • While French music diffuses my frustration and transports me to a leisurely cafe along The Seine.

In every situation, a spell is broken. I’m lifted from lethargy or lack and pulled into a new perspective. As the melodies drift out into the air, they collide with my body and vibrate within my bones.

Depending on the song and its interaction with me at the time, I am usually moved to make inspired action, think more clearly, and settle into the experience of being human with renewed hope and optimism.

Music is not just a part of my life, it’s part of my being.

The beat of my steps, the rhythm of my breath, the pulse of my heartbeat, the flow of blood through my veins, my whole body is always creating melodies.

When outer notes touch the tune of my inner song, there is harmony.

Music has the power to instantly connect us to the great song humming throughout the Universe. We resonate with a sense of belonging and we find our bearings again.

It grounds me in the reality of what is and I’m caught up in the limitless opportunities of the moment.


Here are three kinds of music I play regularly in our home to promote creativity, calm, and connection I encourage you to find your own songs and build your own playlists depending on your needs and the remedy you’re seeking!

1. Paris Cafe Music

2. Classical Music

3. Piano Music


Do you listen to music every day?

How does it affect you?

What would you add to my list, tell me in the comments!

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