Practicing the Art of Adventure :: Featuring Valentine Ross

What does it look like to practice the art of adventure?

Every Friday we are featuring a woman who is Practicing the Art of Adventure in her daily life-stepping into the unknown, embracing change, trusting Him, leaving fear, and loving extravagantly, all the while, traveling deeper into God’s heart. It is our desire that through their lives and stories of adventure you will be inspired & challenged to say YES to God’s invitation to follow Him. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, may you see that everyday is an opportunity to practice the art of adventure as you abide with Jesus.

We’d love for you to join us here each week!

So…what adventures is God leading you into?

How can you practice the art of adventure in your everyday life?

Today you will be meeting my dear friend and old roommate from when I lived in Vienna, Austria! I am so thankful God allowed my path to cross with this beautiful woman! I can tell you from experience, Valentine is a stockpile of wisdom and gentleness. I am thankful for her listening ear and encouraging words through the years…she exemplifies Jesus in every aspect of her life. After growing up in Vienna and attending university, she got married to her American sweetheart. I admire Valentine’s life and her passion to love and serve Jesus in her home- with her husband and kids.

Valentine’s words are simple and full of truth for us today…adventure isn’t out there, but right here.

Find a minute in your day to sit down with us & redefine adventure in our life. Valentine reminds us that adventure doesn’t have to look glamorous, it doesn’t even require a passport; adventure starts when we love Jesus & those around us!

First, introduce yourself {tell us where you are from, your favorite place to go or favorite thing to do, and what a “normal” day looks like for you!}

Hi! My name is Valentine and I’m from Austria. I’m married to my best friend. We live in Colorado Springs where we’re raising our daughter (3 yrs) and son (5 months). Having two children that depend on me day in and day out just makes me realize how much more I need to depend on Christ everyday! 

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What is your current season of life right now & where are you having difficulties trusting God?

Being a mother is the most challenging adventure I’ve ever been on but also the most rewarding.

It requires so much sacrifice each and every day. I didn’t realize how selfish I was until I got married, but then…I had two kids! I found my worst self and best self when I became a mother. But oh how they make me more like Christ everyday.

I’m so thankful and feel so privileged and humbled that God choose me to be Amelie’s and Lukas’ mom. It’s the best thing ever! And I wouldn’t change it for anything in the whole world!

Share with us a specific example {from the past} of how and when God has met you when you’ve walked into the unknown with Him?

Three years ago God called my husband and I to leave California. We had jobs and a house but…by faith…we packed up and left. We moved to Colorado to be closer to my in-laws and start a family. Before we could even find jobs we found out that we were expecting our first child.

I had no doubt that God would take care of this baby. It didn’t make sense, but we had peace! I realized once again that when I’m in God’s will and I’m following Him where He calls me- I will always have peace. That kind of peace that transcends all understanding…

We were in a place where we HAD TO rely on God and guess what? Miracles happened! Strangers would bless us with a ton of baby stuff and financially God began to provide, one week at the time.

We’d love to hear what step(s) out of your comfort zone you have taken recently or will take soon. {Big or small! It all counts as a step!}

I was recently laid off and we decided that it’s best for me to be a stay-at-home mom instead of pursuing another job.  This meant that we had to make significant changes to our budget and practice a greater level of discipline in order to be good stewards. Although it means we have less money in the bank – I am actually rich when it comes to my heart and the quality time I get to spend with my children! 

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Did I mention Valentine sews these dresses herself?! Simply adorable!

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How do you hear God’s voice most clearly? Is it a time of day, a place you go, a thing you do…anything!

I hear God most clearly when I’m worshiping & praying, and reading His word.

I was never into journaling until I got my pink Art of Adventure Journal! It challenges me to go deeper in God’s word and meditate on scriptures. I love the layout and free space where I can just draw and get creative if I feel like it. My absolute favorite worship music to listen to at the moment is my husband’s new worship CD “No EVIL”  🙂
You can buy the album  or listen to a sample on the links below!

So much of walking with God on this adventure is about facing our fears, embracing change, and trusting Him…what is one of your biggest fears that keeps your paralyzed from saying “Yes” to God’s adventure for you?

I sometimes doubt that I’m not enough for my kids. That I don’t pray enough with them or over them, I don’t play enough with them, or teach them enough. I find myself thinking that I can be doing more, more, and more.

But the truth is I know that I will never be enough and THAT is actually a good thing. I don’t want to be perfect for them. I want them to be in need of a PERFECT Savior – my weakness should point them to Jesus!

What are a few things that help you face your specific fears?

  • Whenever negative, fearful thoughts or doubts creep in I try to make it a habit to stand on scripture and know that God didn’t give us a Spirit of fear but of power, love and self discipline. {2 Timothy 1:7} I also love the verse in Joshua 1:9,  “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” 
  • Also, remembering that this life is short (like a vapour) and we have an eternity to look forward to!

And lastly, what does a life of adventure with God look like for you personally?

Adventure doesn’t have to be overseas or far away (although I LOVE travelling and seeing new places) but it can be within my own home…

Serving my husband and children and finding joy in it.
Encouraging other Mom’s in truth and lifting each other up in prayer.
Watching and praying over my kids as they start their own adventure with Christ.
Letting God be in control of every area of my life is THE best adventure ever.  

How did Valentine’s words inspire you on your adventures…
leave her a little note in the comments!

Valentine would love to connect with you!




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