Practicing the Art of Adventure :: Featuring Rhoda Baty

What does it look like to practice the art of adventure?

Every Friday over the next few months I will be featuring a woman who is Practicing the Art of Adventure in her daily life. It is our desire that you will be inspired, challenged, & know that you are not alone through each of their lives and stories of adventure with God. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, may you see that everyday is an opportunity to practice the art of adventure as you abide with Jesus- stepping into the unknown, embracing change, trusting Him, leaving fear, and loving extravagantly, all the while, traveling deeper into God’s heart.

We’d love for you to join us each week!

So…what adventures is God leading you into?

How can you practice the art of adventure in your everyday life?

Today’s Practicing the Art of Adventure interview is with Rhoda Baty. I met her about a year ago and instantly knew this is a woman I need to be around! She mentored and coached me for many months, becoming a dear friend and constant source of encouragement to venture into the unknown with God and face my fears. Rhoda is a woman of strength and wisdom, may you take in her words and let them nourish your heart today, helping you to take steps out of your comfort zones, trust God with the mysteries in your life, become aware of His leading and voice all around you, and ultimately begin to practice the art of adventure in your everyday life!

Take a moment  & be encouraged through Rhoda’s heart & timely wisdom today!

First, introduce yourself {tell us where you are from, your favorite place to go or favorite thing to do, and what a “normal” day looks like for you!}

Hi, I am Rhoda Baty from Snohomish, WA. One of my favorite places to go is camping with my family. Each year for the last 33 years we (family includes our children and grandchildren and all of my husband’s family) have been going camping to the same spot on Memorial Day weekend.

A normal day for me is to rise at 4:30am, I do my devotions and talk with God, then off to work by 6:30am to work with at risk teens at an alternative high school. I then come home and am a taxi for my grandchildren several days a week, having 7 grandchildren involved in sports keeps me busy!

On my days off  I am a life coach which is perfect for me.

What is your current season of life right now & where are you having difficulties trusting God?

My current season is being a ‘senior citizen’ and I have to confess I love it! When I was about to turn 60 I was so depressed, it seemed so old but God gave me a scripture when I woke up the first morning of my 60’s. I rushed to my Bible to see what He had to say and I was so excited by His promise. My scripture was John 2:10, “A host always serves the best wine first,” he said. “Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now!What I got from this scripture was that although I was getting older God saves the best for last.

Upon turning 65 this last April He gave me Isaiah 46:4, “Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” This scripture affirmed that even though I am getting even older He is going to use me.

Since my 30’s God has confirmed to me over and over again that I should be writing and last year He gave me what I was to write about, or perhaps I finally listened! I don’t consider myself a writer but I also can’t ignore what He is asking me to do. My theme for 2015 is “Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” so I am slowly putting time back into writing consistently.

Share with us a specific example {from the past} of how and when God has met you when you’ve walked into the unknown with Him?

I think first and foremost was when He called me to be a pastor’s wife. As an introvert, I had a difficult time being around big groups of people and on top of that, I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. I felt totally unqualified! God’s response to me was this, “I know…but now I will be able to mold you into who I want you to be!” That was the very first time I actually felt God was talking to me.

Another time I’ve had to walk with God into the unknown was when my first grand-daughter  was diagnosed with a bad heart at the age of two and needed open heart surgery. We developed a strong bond as she and her mother lived with us. We were devastated at the news, especially the part that said she had a 50/50 chance at a good life, if she made it through surgery.

I remember crying out to God DEMANDING that He tell me she was going to survive and live. I needed to feel peace. He gently said to me, “You can trust Me to take care of you no matter the outcome, just trust Me!” INSTANT peace overwhelmed me. I could go on and on about this subject and the times that God has shown up when I’ve trusted Him!

We’d love to hear what step(s) out of your comfort zone you have taken recently or will take soon. {Big or small! It all counts as a step!}

October 2014…my friend and I signed up for a two day coaching class. I mentioned earlier that I don’t like crowds so I always go to classes with a friend. Well, a couple weeks before the class was to start her boss had a heart attack and she couldn’t make it. I was trying so hard to get out of my commitment but unlike her I couldn’t get my money back. The class was expensive and the person teaching it would not be around for a couple years to teach it again. So I went and I’m so glad I did! It was the best class I had taken with this particular group and unlike all the others I came away feeling really good about my abilities.

The other thing that happened at this class was that I didn’t have enough gas for the one hour drive home. I.DON’T.PUMP.MY.OWN.GAS. My husband, for the last 42 years, has pumped my gas. I asked someone if they could pump my gas for me and they said, “I will show you how to pump your gas.” We are in a little town in the middle of nowhere and the sign says, “Out of Gas, Next Delivery at 2pm.” Class gets over at 5pm and my helper can’t go with me. She role plays with me how to pump my gas, what to say to the counter guy and once again tells me to be sure I don’t put diesel in my tank. I go to the station after class, shaking like a leaf. Go in to the attendant and give him my money. Go to the pump and with my hands still shaking pump my own gas. I felt so good about myself and my success!

Again, my theme for 2015 is ‘Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable’ and I say that to myself anytime now that I am fearful.

Rhoda Interview photo
Rhoda with her husband and “gas pumper” Larry 🙂


How do you hear God’s voice most clearly? Is it a time of day, a place you go, a thing you do…anything!

I ‘watch’ for Him and assume it is Him. I’ve begun to realize God can speak through anyone or anything if we are on the ‘watch’ for Him. Whether it’s my boss, a friend, or email devotionals I am always ready and aware of God’s voice and encouragement to me. I hear him when I write out my thoughts in a journal, I hear Him when I cry out for help, and I hear Him through His Word.

Simply put, I hear God’s voice when I am ‘watching’ for Him and as I get older I ‘watch’ a lot more often…nearly everyday.

So much of walking with God on this adventure is about facing our fears, embracing change, and trusting Him…what is one of your biggest fears that keeps your paralyzed from saying “Yes” to God’s adventure for you?

Not having a degree. So that makes me regret that I didn’t go to college or even pursue it later in life. But then I realize that I am comparing myself and remind myself that ‘age’ is a great teacher.

I believe we as women we compare ourselves far too often. Even once is too much! God made us all different and unique.

What 1-2 things help you most when it comes to facing that specific fear?

  • Taking classes in my area of need & having a coach come alongside me.
  • Having others pray for me to walk into that fear. When we choose to walk into fear we gain insight, and become less fearful next time we walk into the unknown.

 And lastly, what does a life of adventure with God look like for you personally?

I am just so excited for these last years of my life! I am so much more confident  than I have been for the last 55 years of my life. I love the new me! I am going to write that book God has told me I can write. In July it will be one year of working on it. I love my life coaching business- encouraging women to be all they can be and walk into their fear, become more intimate with God, and embrace who God made them.

I want to leave a legacy to my children/grandchildren of how gracious God is and how much He loves them and is for them. I want to show them faith in God and what that looks like. And I want others to know that it is okay to fail…in fact, it’s preferable to fail so we learn who we are and who we are not. To me, this is a life of adventure with God!

Rhoda Interview photo 2
Rhoda with her children and grandchildren


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