Practicing the Art of Adventure :: Featuring Kim McKinney

What does it look like to practice the art of adventure?

Every Friday over the next few months I will be featuring a woman who is Practicing the Art of Adventure in her daily life. It is our desire that you will be inspired, challenged, & know that you are not alone through each of their lives and stories of adventure with God. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, may you see that everyday is an opportunity to practice the art of adventure as you abide with Jesus- stepping into the unknown, embracing change, trusting Him, leaving fear, and loving extravagantly, all the while, traveling deeper into God’s heart.

We’d love for you to join us each week!

So…what adventures is God leading you into?

How can you practice the art of adventure in your everyday life?

I’m so excited for you to read some of Kim’s story today! Immediately when I met Kim last year I noticed her compassionate, listening heart, as well as her confidence and trust in God. Little did I know she was journeying through an incredible season of mourning the loss of her best friend and husband. The more I got to know Kim, the more she inspired and encouraged to pursue intimacy with Jesus and face my fears with Him by my side. As you will read, Kim follows wholeheartedly after God and desires to say YES to all His adventures for her life no matter the season she finds herself in. She exemplifies this verse to me, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” {Philippians 4:13}

So take a moment today and peek into Kim’s life to find out what it practically looks like to practice the art of adventure as we abide with Jesus! 

First, introduce yourself {tell us where you are from, your favorite place to go or favorite thing to do, and what a “normal” day looks like for you!}

Hi, my name is Kim McKinney! I am 57 years old. One of my favorite places to go is Leavenworth, Washington– a quaint, Bavarian town just over the Cascade Mountains. I also love to go to the beach, watch plays, go hiking and do anything outdoors. A normal day for me might include early morning coffee and snuggling up on the couch for my time with God. This can lead to tears, surrender and intercession and finally peace and direction for the day. I am also in school full-time and work part-time at a Christian camp, so you can find me, speaking and teaching kids, cleaning and painting at the camp, or studying and writing papers. I also have my amazing grandkids every other weekend, which I love!



What is your current season of life right now & where are you having difficulties trusting God?

I became a widow 3 years ago after being married to the love of my life for 34 years.

The most difficult part, besides missing his touch, presence, partnership and prayers, is finding who I am as a single person. However, early on God told me, “Don’t worry, I know who you are and I will show you the way.” It is not easy, and I still find tears bursting from a underground spring at a moments notice.

Share with us a specific example {from the past} of how and when God has met you when you’ve walked into the unknown with Him?

As a woman who is independent and strong in many ways, I was used to having my husband do those manly things for me.

Often now as a widow I find many tasks overwhelming and literally cry out to God and remind Him of his word, “You said you would be my husband and I need help right now!!”

These are the words that continued out of my mouth with tears as I sat on the porch last summer trying to open a 10- gallon paint can because I was painting my deck. I had been trying to open it for 30 minutes and was so frustrated. A few minutes after I reminded God of His Word, a UPS truck stopped in front of my house and the kind gentleman asked if I needed help. He than opened the can in a matter of 5 seconds and got in his truck and left. I then had to sit and cry a few more minutes with tears of gratefulness. These kind of things now happen to me all the time. God is faithful, even in the little things. 

We’d love to hear what step(s) out of your comfort zone you have taken recently or will take soon. {Big or small! It all counts as a step!}

I have purposely put myself in situations that require me to face fears mentally and physically so I can prove to myself that I can do life with God in this new and unwelcome place as a widow. It is helping me to defeat the overwhelming fear of being alone.

I have done zip lines, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, hiked a mountain, held a few women’s events that were adventure-related, and also went back to school full time to get a BA in Psychology.


How do you hear God’s voice most clearly? Is it a time of day, a place you go, a thing you do…anything!

I hear him best by being honest with him, getting all my feelings out in the open. Then He leads me through a process of surrendering all my unhealed issues and eventually to a place of trust and peace where His Word comes alive to me. Usually in the morning, but also throughout the day I listen to that inner leading and love that never leaves. Worship music is big for me as well, I can worship and not feel the need to do anything but just “be” with Jesus.

So much of walking with God on this adventure is about facing our fears, embracing change, and trusting Him…what is one of your biggest fears that keeps your paralyzed from saying “Yes” to God’s adventure for you?

I would say my biggest fear is not being good enough and not having the emotional energy to do everything that is expected of me.

What are a few tactics that help you most when it comes to facing that specific fear?

  • Educate myself
  • Be kind to myself by resting and saying no to things
  • Replace negative thoughts with God’s word
  • Say yes to opportunities even if they seem challenging, when I feel God’s leading.


And lastly, what does a life of adventure with God look like for you personally?

To me a life of adventure with God is…

everyday looking for his love and finding it expectantly in all the blessings that I so often take for granted… 
giving unconditional love and not worrying if someone deserves it…
showing value by listening and encouraging others…
doing life on purpose and not waiting for things to fall in my lap…
gather people to go a make a difference with you, even in small ways. 

You can connect more with Kim on facebook here!


What stuck out, encouraged, or challenged you the most from this interview with Kim, I would love to hear! 






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