Meet Some Adventurers


What does it mean to come alive to your own adventure?

For me it means seeing everyday as an opportunity to take God’s hand and trust Him, to say YES to His repeated invitations to… 

welcome change

– embrace the unknown

-leave fear

-take tiny risks

-love generously those in my midst

– and ultimately to travel deeper into His heart. 

Adventure is an art because it looks different for each of us. But God is calling all of us to pay attention to Him in our season, to see our ordinary days as the perfect soil for a God-adventure!

Adventure could be letting go of your schedule for the day  or following the Holy Spirit’s whispers to try something different.

It could be intentionally getting to know your neighbors or loving your kids with purpose and passion.

Adventure may be stepping onto the plane or staying right where you are.

No matter your season or circumstances know this…

As you abide (stay close, dwell, stay ) with Him, a real adventure unfolds beneath your feet. 

Everyday is rich with opportunities for trusting God + coming alive to your own adventure with Him!

Take a moment to read some inspiring interviews from women around the world who are coming alive to their own adventure!

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