Abiding with Jesus

May We…

May we give ourselves permission to stay silent when it feels like we need to have words. {Proverbs 10:19}

May we allow ourselves time to engage with our own adventure, recognizing each day holds expectation, and greets us with hope, no hour is wasted if we look at it with new eyes. {Ephesians 5:14-20}

May we learn to sit with God in the mystery of our unanswered prayers and unspoken questions, in a world that praises speed and efficiency, let’s find our sweet spot in His presence, where waiting is oddly productive and fruitful. {Isaiah 40:28-31 and Psalm 62:5}

May we be brave enough to choose devotion over distraction, in a culture that feeds of more, many, and much become different, obsessed with only one thing – beholding the beauty of Jesus. {Psalm 27:4-8}

May we tune our ears to the story that is better than you can believe, more beautiful than we can imagine, and always ends with armloads of blessings.{Psalm 126}

May you practice running to Him, letting our constant need be a sign post to stay close, be it for wisdom, inspiration, ideas, perseverance, or peace, be like a child who is never ashamed to call for “Papa.” {Romans 8:15-17}

May we step out into the beauty of our spring, awakening our senses to the life blossoming up from dirt mounds and once lifeless trees, relish in a God who never tires of resurrecting our sin-dead lives over and over again. (Songs of 2:10-14, Romans 6:6-14}

May we  stop and retreat into the quiet space when our first inclination is to find fulfillment in staying busy, retraining our soul to draw up nourishment, to live from its unseen roots, anchored in Love, and forever at home in its identity. {Psalm 119:114, Psalm 139, Colossians 2:7, John 15:1-12}

May we choose to walk a different way, instead of giving into the pressure of people and peers and our own washed-up thinking, lean into the Spirit, listen to His voice, and learn to seek Him in the nearly invisible details of our days and ho-hum thoughts. {Romans 12:1-2, Galatians 5:22-26, Philippians 4:8-9}

I’ve been taking time to discover anew the path and presence of Jesus in my life, to come alive to my own adventure, like I so often write about around here. I’ve chosen to quietly step away from the buzz of social media for a season, to traverse the unexplored trails of God’s beauty and wisdom, to find Him in the unexpected, to wait for Him in childlike expectation, and hold my life and plans loosely, open to His insight, no part withheld. My writing here on the blog will reflect this new season…

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