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Inside My Adventure Bag!

I have an adventure bag. A drawstring tote stuffed to the brim. I lug it down our creaky stairs every morning, trying hard to be quiet so I don’t wake our babies. I get my cereal, snuggle up in the corner of my couch, and dispel its contents.

On the bag it reads, “Adventure is Here,” a fitting prompt for my heart that this simple routine of sneaking away with Jesus, cereal in hand, is where life’s best adventures begin.


Mornings aren’t the only time. Sometimes I rummage through my adventure bag during nap time for my littles, or in the evening if I’m not completely worn out from yet another day with three wild ones. And sometimes I just let it sit out on the table to remind me…

To remind me that whether I steam vegetables for dinner or study deep scripture truths it doesn’t matter, the adventure is found in doing life with God.

On Fridays I will give you a peek into my bag {what I’m currently reading/writing/studying}, to share some practical tools and resources I’m using to stay fit for exploring the unknown,taking tiny risks, and stepping out of my comfort zones! 

Thank you for joining me here at the Art of Adventure blog!

  1. 7 Days of Still Moments from this beautiful lady! Emily Freeman always ministers to me with her gentle words of truth and wisdom, I feel like I savor everything she writes. This summer she is doing 7 Days of Still Moments delivered to your inbox, or you can even print them out- which I did and keep them with me at all times over the past couple months. Sign up here, if you’re needing a mini-spa treatment for your soul!

    When we sit in silence, it’s true, we may  not be doing anything. But we are un-doing so much. Emily Freeman

  2. Jenneth Graser, a South African friend of mine published a devotional, it’s full of poetry and words that will quench your thirst and at the same time give you a desire to know Jesus so much more. I keep going back to it day after day, and each time the Lord speaks to me so clearly. It’s just what I’ve need on my roadtrip with Jesus this summer. Her devotional is called Catching the Light and it’s only 2.99 on Amazon, yippee!

    In your heart Father is the fragrance of a million gardens. In your company is pure rest.
    Jenneth Graser

  3. Each Sunday or Monday morning I prepare for my week using this Travel Journal, I prayerfully choose a theme for my week, jot down a bold prayer to Jesus, and fill in the adventure planner with risks I will take, fears I will face, and people I will encourage. I return to these pages each day, writing down thoughts and meditations, delightful discoveries I’ve made with the Lord, and beautiful words and moments I don’t want to forget. It serves as a constant reminder throughout my week that God is inviting me to walk with Him on an adventure instead of get overwhelmed with ambitious plans.
    Here are a few favorite verses I’ve been clinging to as I sneak away with Jesus and pursue the quiet life: Lamentations 3:26, Is. 30:15, Zeph 3:17, 1 Thessalonians 4:11



May you have the courage to be still this weekend and abide in the arms of Jesus without feeling like you need to do something to prove yourself.

Walking with you,



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