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Inside My Adventure Bag

My adventure bag, as I like to call it, is filled with life-giving tools and words that are helping me to navigate the trails of my season. What’s inside quenches my thirst, satisfies my hunger, and brings me back to where real adventure is found- in exploring the heart of Jesus and letting myself get lost in His love.

Here is a peek into what I’ve been pulling out of my adventure bag these past couple weeks to keep me moving forward in faith!

–When being a mommy, creating a home, running a tiny shop & blog, and seeking God first in the midst of all feel like too much I keep coming back to the wisdom of this beautiful woman. 


I re-read these two posts from her + got all watery eyed because I’ve been wanting to quit my business and also believing that if I’m not the best at everything than it’s not worth it {something I continually struggle with!}:

I wanted to quit my business (a snippet below)

“Be small. 

Nurture these children for Me. 

Live a quiet life.

Yes. Just yes.

Step away from the noise.

Step away from the “should’s.”

Step forward from the old story and into what’s happening in my life now.

Be small. Low to the ground with my children. On my knees. Hands in the dirt. Less concerned with how to do life—needing a one-or-the-other plan and title–and fully focused on why I’m doing life.

And then this post, It’s Okay to Be Average. I’ve been believing a lie.

We miss so much feeling like we have to be an expert or better than everyone else, don’t we?

We falsely believe we have to:

do it all

have it all

be an expert

be better than someone else

be the best

have it all together

And if we aren’t, or don’t, we hesitate.

We don’t move forward.

We don’t send it, say it, do it, or surrender.

We just sit in the lies.

–I’ve been opening this book + the bible every morning and well, it just makes me happy!


–My husband and I are tearing through the pages of a book called Garden City: Work, Rest, and The Art of Being Human. Oh and it’s only $4.99 on Kindle.

–And it’s been a few week of messy prayers, raw emotions, + real tiredness for me. But how good it’s been to just pour it all out on Jesus. To bring all that stuff into His presence and let Him sort out my heart. Whenever I think God can’t handle me, or I feel like I’m too much, I always come back to the words of David in the Psalms, in particular Psalm 62 verse 8…

O my people, trust in him at all times.
    Pour out your heart to him,
    for God is our refuge.

May you have a weekend of accepting you are beautiful and you don’t need to be the best, delighting in God’s heart for you, sharing the simplicity of this beautiful life with treasured people, + resting well! If you need any ideas for making an adventure this weekend, print out this month’s November Adventure Practices here!

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