Abiding with Jesus

Identity Amnesia

Gradually, as life moves forward, we forget who we are. Our passions and pursuits, successes and failures, responsibilities and titles, hurts and hopes, make life more complex and noisy.  Almost instinctively we try to find ourselves in the crowds, clutter, and chaos of our days.

Who am I?

We too quickly assume the answer is found in doing more. We get busy becoming a better friend, daughter, mother, sister, athlete, employee, business woman, or student.

But out here we must run to survive.

Constantly chasing after our identity like a mirage, desperate to figure out who we are, is an exhausting feat we were never meant to undertake.

In my life, I was literally running to discover my identity. In a sense, we all are, aren’t we? Our whole body yearns to be better, faster, successful, or more beautiful. In our hunt to feel complete and whole, we run ourselves thin, forgetting the fullness that comes from resting in Him.


Join me over on my sweet friend Greer Oharah’s beautiful site today to read the rest and find out how to overcome your own case of identity amnesia.

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