Exploring the Unknown

How To Start A Tiny Revolution

My beating heart preaches the gospel every day.

It speaks of a continual pulsing of fresh life and the faithful flow of renewing grace.

The greatest message of all time is streaming out of me and so often I deny it’s rising up and coming forth.

I want to squash and smother the Good News. I underestimate the power of faith, hope, and love.

When it comes to faith, I fall back into the ease of seeing with my own eyes. Only what’s in front of me, what I can prove, what I can touch is true. Faith tries to squeeze out through the holes of my heart and the brokenness of life, but so often I put it in the back corner of my heart, tell it to calm down, or go back where it belongs in the idealistic, ignorance of my childhood.

Without even realizing it, I also cover up the promise of hope that lives within me. Hope that goes far beyond a better life, a different outcome, or a momentous breakthrough. It is hope that stares stubborn into the face of imperfection. It is hope that doesn’t waver amid the unknown. Surely, there is no hope, I repeat in the darkness. It will never change, I’ll never change, he’ll never change, or if we do, we’ll wind up right back here where we started.

Then there’s love. I form love into a winsome act, a pleasant word, a compassionate person, a heart-shaped cookie. I over-simplify the love bubbling up inside me that goes beyond my rational mind, that dares to look beyond appearances, that reaches past a one time generous gift to an eternity of crazy surrendered living. I attempt to pour water on the unquenchable fire of love that wants to burn away all the idols and walls and leave permanent stains and make a mess of my comfortable charades.

Faith, hope, and love, compose the tune, the beginnings, of a tiny revolution in my tattered heart.

We keep our cool though, don’t we? We stifle their significance. We redefine and manipulate their truth to fit our needs and circumstances.

We preach a gospel that starts with us, our goodness, our okay-ness, our weak faith, our anemic hope, our self-centered love.

When really the Good News starts here…

With Jesus.

A God so good that He doesn’t just keep us alive, but comes to live within us. (Ephesians 3:17, Colossians 1:27, John 14:23, Romans 8:10-11)

A God so good that He doesn’t run the other way when we fall on our face for the four hundredth time, but He comes ever closer. (Lamentations 3:23, Romans 5:6-8) 

A God so good that He doesn’t control His grace based on our performance, but pours it out lavishly in our poverty. (Matthew 5:3, 2 Corinthians 8:9) 

A God who embodies faith, hope, and love with perfection that will make us run to our knees.


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It may not make sense to my mind, I might be unaware, but every morning my heart praises Him without my consent.

My heart sings the tune of a tiny revolution, thumping the walls of my chest with the steady song of a Savior who knows how to change the world, faith… hope…love. My heart keeps the rhythm, the pace, I need only to settle into it.

Hidden within and behind this faltering body of mine is the miraculous power of the Living Gospel. But it depends on my awareness of and my listening to the message going out, the song rising up, the beautiful Gospel birthing through every beat.

Thud. Thud. Thud.





What do we hear? The latter is dangerous.

The Gospel is released to run freely through our everyday lives, our passing conversations, our marital impossibilities, our forsaken dreams, our normal neighborhoods, suddenly the Good News spills out uncontrollable and without our striving.

After all, our heart knows how to keep beating, keep us alive without our directing it to.

What I’ve been saying to my 2 and 4 year old, sounds too simple, but I’ve got a hunch therein lies the treasure waiting to be unearthed. Jesus lives in your heart, I tell them.

Yes, yes he does. And it’s time to let Him pulse through our veins and down our streets, the Gospel running wild in and through us.

Our beating heart testifies to the miracle of the Good News- Jesus came to take up residence in you and me. Forever our hearts will sing, but will we listen and join in the song?

Our heart, too precious to push aside, to ignore, to be left unguarded and malnourished. It is the key to bringing the Good News off the pages, the birthplace of a tiny revolution.


Verses for you to ponder: Prov. 4:23, Mt. 6:21, Mt. 15:18, Mt 22:37, Luke 6:45, Luke 12:34

If you’re looking for practical ways to live from your heart and bring the Gospel to life in your everyday – check out the 2017 Adventure Calendar I created for us to be intentional about taking risks, loving extravagantly. exploring new places with Jesus this year. The 52-week travel journal is also something I use to become more aware of God’s presence in my life and practice weaving His words into the rhythm of my days!

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