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How Do I Hear God’s Voice? {Questions We Ask No. 5}

Where is God inviting you to travel with Him?

Does it surprise you?

Is He encouraging you to walk with Him through your garden, dreaming with Him again, but this time with the hopeful eyes of a seed sower?

Is He calling you across continents to faraway lands you have yet to explore, with only a whisper and nudge from Him to go?

Or maybe He’s asking you to trek with Him down the streets of your neighborhood or aisles of the grocery store with a heart to encounter His mysterious presence along the well-worn paths of your weekdays?

Or perhaps He’s wooing you into the unknown, to cling tightly to His promises with a raw and tiny faith, pressing on to seek Him in ways you’ve never done before?

The Spirit of God is always on the move and the best part is this: He is forever inviting us to join Him. 

Of course, here is where everyone inserts the question, but how do I hear His voice…how do I know it’s really Him and not my own head?

Don’t we all wish there was three simple steps?

Deciphering God’s voice among the cacophony clanging around us can often feel like trying to hear birds chirping while standing in a bustling city.

But what if it’s not that difficult? Could it be that we’ve made hearing His voice more complex than it’s supposed to be?

Sometimes I feel like I’m walking a tightrope when I try to listen to God’s voice amidst my days. It’s a careful, delicate, striving, and straining type of activity.

But when I start to engage with God like a friend everything changes.

Suddenly my whole day, no matter where I am, becomes a sacred adventure. The tender voice of a God who loves me more than any friend I’ve ever known seeps into the most unexpected parts of my day. I am surprised again and again by the constant, beautiful presence of a God who delights in me.

We talk back and forth about it all, no conversation is off limits. It’s never a one-sided monologue and it’s always life giving. He asks me questions. I ask Him mine. Sometimes we just laugh and talk about the weather. Other times we do dishes together or go on a walk with the kids.

How do you and I hear God’s voice?

It starts with how we view Him.

Is He the dictator barking commands at you? Is He irrelevant, other-worldly, unmoved by your tears and longings?

Or is He the perfect friend you’ve been longing for… a friend who is deeply involved with your life, joyfully initiating time with you, interested and intrigued in your heart?

Could it be that hearing God’s voice is simple and it begins by changing our perception of Him?

Might every whisper to step out come from His overwhelming desire to root us deeper in an intimate friendship with Him?


Verses to Ponder: Exodus 33:11, Deuteronomy 30:14, Psalm 25:14, Psalm 29:3-9, John 10:27, John 15:15, James 2:23

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