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Five Questions To Ask Yourself//Inside My Adventure Bag

Asking ourselves the right questions is a powerful tool to expose deep roots, unhealthy patterns of thinking, and faulty perceptions. My ears always perk up when I come across a good question. A question that causes me to stop and think before I speak. A question that urges me to peel back layers and feels like a bright light shining into the caverns of my heart. These questions bring about change, stir me to action, and inspire me to seek out God’s truth.

Every so often around here I like to share what’s inside my adventure bag, as I like to call it. (Here are some previous Inside My Adventure Bag posts here, here, and here.) This is the bag I keep open and accessible at all times. It carries the tools and resources I’m using to traverse down the trails of God’s heart, exploring who He is and responding to His voice. One of the things I open up everyday is my travel journal. Inside I jot down delightful discoveries, beauty I witnessed, risks I want to take, soul-nourishing words from scripture, and hard questions I’m asking myself.

Today, I’m sharing five questions that have recently been tugging at my heart, causing me to stop and sit with Jesus as we walk together in this adventure called life in hopes that they will do the same for you…

Is my Christian life vital or am I just going through the motions?//

I read this question in a commentary on 2 Chronicles. I don’t generally think of 2 Chronicles as a book to inspire my faith, but good grief the message behind 2 Chronicles is convicting. It’s a book about a people who recognized God, but failed to make Him real in their lives. Their spiritual life was based on formalism and ritualism instead of relationship. They forgot how to cultivate a lively, vibrant faith, and invite God’s presence into their daily life. I can’t help but wonder if I’m exactly like the Israelites on some days, exchanging messy faith for a tidier, more formal kind? 


Am I giving out of my abundance , or all of my livelihood?//

The woman in Mark 12: 41-44 turned Jesus’ head and immediately I stop too. I hear him whisper to me through the pages, “Are you giving out of your abundance or out of your livelihood?”  I dare you to sit with these words for awhile. My guess is you will start to feel a little uncomfortable when you realize that, more often than not, you are giving out of your own effort. We naturally stay within what’s easy and efficient, or what works within our budget don’t we? Why don’t I give like this woman, offering up everything I have to God, all that I have to live on? Well, because frankly it sounds crazy…and foolish! Who would do take such a stupid, uncalculated risk?  I have my go-to list of excuses for why I cannot be more generous with my time, money, and energy. What are they for you? Maybe this week we experiment more with foolish faith and give God permission to work through us in ways we never imagined.

Couldn’t you admire it without torturing yourself over how to possess it? You can admire without having to acquire.//

I stumbled upon this question in Soul Keeping and immediately had to jot it down. I do not, I repeat do not know how to do this. I can barely browse through the Target aisles without feeling like I need to buy EVERYTHING and getting depressed because I can’t have it all. I get envious of other women who are seeing success and living out their dreams. It’s hard for me to celebrate with them, so I just don’t say anything. This question unravels my soul and reveals my discontentment with myself, my season, and the gifts God has given me. It takes practice to develop a soul that doesn’t constantly need more and better, and an extreme focus and belief in this truth- I have all that I need right now for life and joy.  (2 Peter 1:3)

What would it look like if all that God designed us to be exploded upon every effort?//

I shared this on IG last week from a devotional I read, Called to Create. Many days I overcomplicate how Jesus is asking me live. Maybe you too? I forget that my adventure is unique. It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. When all that we are collides with God’s spirit, a secret unfolds. We discover we are enough. We can rest in our identity in Jesus and awaken to our own adventure with Him. I love interviewing different woman on the Art of Adventure blog, like my friend, Brittany sailing with her young family into the unknown. Or Terrica, building a farmhouse with a divine purpose. Or Shannan, quietly giving herself to her actual neighbors and community. Let’s discover what it look like for us to follow Jesus in this season, then do it with Him, surrendering freely every step of the way!

Who do you think you are?//

One of my favorite author’s Emily Freeman presented this question in her video, 5 Statements Keeping You From Your Best Work.  This question, “who do you think you are?” never enters our mind unless we are on the precipice of stepping out of our comfort zone, trying something new, or doing something purposeful in our life. Instead of seeing this question as a threat or a criticism of our character, I’m choosing to believe it’s a signpost pointing me into a God-adventure. Let’s start responding to this question in confidence that we are God’s beloved.

I’d love to hear which of these questions challenges you the most? 

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