About Art of Adventure

The Art of Adventure Shop + Blog is a space for you to be awakened to your own adventure with Jesus, stepping outside your comfort zones, taking tiny risks, + wildly trusting God with your life.


I always thought adventure was for the brave + daring few, that it took money or passports, leaps from airplanes or quitting my job, but I began to see that real adventure is about traveling deeper into God’s heart everyday.

Adventure with Him looks like living with excitement + expectancy each new day, exploring the unknown, + taking the biggest risk of all- loving Him with all my heart and loving others just the same.

Through written words, inspiring products, and heart-to-heart coaching chats we pray you are stirred to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in every detail of your life, traveling deeper into the Father’s heart, not just around the world.

Spring 2016 Journals

Are you ready to trust Him? 

Are you willing to welcome the mystery + mess of adventure?

Are you open to following God into the unknown a little everyday and take meaningful risks?

Adventure is here. It is in our midst. All we have to do is whisper, yes. 

“If you wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice,

I’ll go to sleep each night trusting in you.

Point out the road I must travel;

I’m all ears, all eyes before you.”

Psalm 143:8 (the Message)

You can read more about my personal story here.