What does it mean to practice the art of adventure?

Everyday is an opportunity to practice the art of adventure, to take God’s hand and trust Him. I see it repeatedly in my own life God’s call to …

welcome change

– embrace the unknown

-leave fear

-love extravagantly

– and ultimately travel deeper into God’s heart. 

This adventure take practice because I don’t always get it right!

I give into fear.
I cling to my routines.
I despise change.
I tremble at the unknown.
I run from God.

Maybe you struggle with the same?  

Adventure is an art because it looks different for each of us.
Adventure might be letting go of control or obediently following Jesus to another country.
Adventure might be getting to know your neighbors or loving your kids with purpose and passion.
Adventure may be stepping onto the plane or staying right where you are.

One thing is for certain in all of this- we are called to do life with God.

As we abide with Him, He redefines real adventure for us! 

Everyday is rich with opportunities to practice this art of adventure.

I write here to inspire you to practice this art of adventure in your own life too!


Charissa’s Story

fam small

I met my husband while working abroad in Vienna, Austria. He is from South Africa. God literally brought us from opposite sides of the world to meet. {A story for another time!} We dated for four long and very refining years. Finally, we let go of our worries and fears and decided to get married. In 2009, we married in my parent’s backyard in Washington State and hopped a plane to start our new life together in South Africa. We have two beautiful babies- Zoe (born 2014) and David (born 2012). They keep me extremely busy, but bring me the greatest joy in the world!

When I’m not chasing my kiddos around, I love running, writing, baking something yummy & healthy, and hanging out with friends and family.

My husband and I have lived in Austria, South Africa, the United States, and now we are in the Netherlands. You can find out more about our wild adventures with God and our heart as a family here.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Helen Keller