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::Four Ways I Overcome *Those* Days::

Life is painful and difficult. There are challenges around every corner. There are bumps, we get bruises. There are holes, we fall in. There are battles, and we lose.

Life is not easy. We get moments and sometimes days {seasons?!} where everything feels smooth and sweet like frosting on a cake. We could just eat life up; we can’t get enough!

Then there are those times… You know them well I’m sure, perhaps too well. Where everything is out of sync. Life feels messy and you have stains and scrapes to prove it. I don’t know if it’s just me but oftentimes those times feel like they are the ruling majority.

It’s simple to make it through the days where a smile is plastered across our face, but what about the days where we feel tempted to hide under the covers and not talk to anyone? What about the days where you motivation has been flushed down the toilet and God feels like a distant relative?

What about those days?

Is it possible that those days don’t have to dictate the direction of our lives and leave us dreading the future?

Those ugly days, those frustrating, overwhelming, emotionally exhausting, bad news kind of days can actually be used to propel us deeper into relationship with God and the dreams He has planned for us.

Life may not always be sweet and smooth, but it can still be savored and enjoyed.



Here a few ways that are helping me to use my bad days as a launch pad for diving into God’s goodness and greatness, and slowly savoring every day of life instead of wishing it would just be over:

  1. Redefine Success. {Toss out your to-do list!}

It does my heart good to remind myself that success is not how much money I make, how many friends I have, or how beautiful my house is decorated. Success is not wrapped up in my achievements or performance, or checking of all the boxes on my to-do list. Usually those days where I feel tired and overwhelmed, confused and irritated with my life, I need to let the truth of His words bring new perspective to what I deem successful. A life given over to love, a life led by the promptings and nudges of His Spirit. Success in life is not something I works towards but something I receive as I put our trust in Him.

Does your definition of success free you to be yourself or burden you with the need to constantly achieve and produce?


  1. Stop Comparing. {Be Yourself!}

A sure way to ruin a day is to start comparing myself with others. Within seconds, I’m hunched over in self-pity and wishing I was someone else. I hate it when I mindlessly scroll through social media taking in everyone’s life for the pure sake of comparing myself. That never ends well. Most of the time, my ideas, my life, my dreams seems too simple, small, and stupid compared with all those other people.  I’ve realized the day-changer happens when I celebrate others instead of competing against them.

How can you turn your hidden jealousy of someone into an outward celebration of them?


  1. Give Thanks. {Open your hands!}

Those blah days we’re talking about, where you just feel like you have a cold in your soul, sometimes the cure is in our own hands- giving thanks. This will snap me out of a funk in no time. Being thankful mends our hearts to wholeness because we begin to realize there is nothing we are lacking. We can sigh in satisfaction knowing that we are literally enveloped with gifts from God’s hand. Most precious of all- His love. All we have to do is receive them freely. As hard as life can be, there is never a day so bad where His goodness can’t dry our tears, or His hope can’t fill the holes.

What gifts is he pouring into your lap these days that you need to be thankful for?


  1. Step Out. {Just do it!}

I dare myself every morning to take a risk. To expose myself to something that scares me. To take a step of faith- however little or big it may seem. Inevitably when I step out, I am met- by faith, by excitement, by confidence, by dreams…by God. He is there reaching out. I never regret a time when I’ve taken God’s hand. I always remember this, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you always got.” If we are struggling through our day, aching on the inside, longing for change, there’s no mystery to be solved. Simply put, it’s time we take a step out of our comforts and peer around the corner. 

What step do you need to take today?



We all have them. Those days. But they do not define us. We are His children. We are made for more than what our feelings often tell us. 

May our bad days actually draw us closer to God- the Giver of all Good Things. 


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